Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Great Husband

This morning while Jordan was at work he was told that a not-so-small project was due at the beginning of the day tomorrow. So, he started working on the project. At 6 at night I brought him fajitas for dinner, and then at 11 I brought him a donut and cocoa from Maverick for a break while I worked on a computer program. These are pictures of when I left at 12:30 am (technically the next day), and right this second it's 1:13 and he isn't home yet--that makes it a 16 hour day so far. He's a great man who gets the job done because he's reliable and letting down his employer is uncceptable to him which makes him so awesome at his job.

Yay for great husbands who love us enough to work long hours so we can eat.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Custard Profiteroles with Maple Caramel

If someone would make these for me and bring them to my house I would greatly appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Weekend with Ladie

Brianna, Ladie’s sister, who’s living in Portland right now decided to spend the weekend in Rexburg to visit some friends. So, Ladie came up with her! She got here at 7 or so Friday night, and since we were all starving, immediately left for Snakebite in Idaho Falls for dinner. It’s one of all of our favorite restaurants. We’ve never been disappointed with the food before, and we certainly weren’t disappointed this time! Jordan and I both got the Teton Burger (mine in a lettuce wrap instead of a bun), and Ladie got the fish tacos (which she said were fantastic). When we got home, we made a gluten-free yellow cake with pumpkin cream cheese frosting.
That was absolutely amazing. The two didn’t really go together, but separately they were both really good, on their own. While we were eating the cake, we watched Baby Mama, which Ladie and I saw together in the theater when I went to Portland for the research conference. It was funny then and it’s just as funny now. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are just so funny, especially together. The next morning, I went to a baby shower for my friend Jordelle (which was super fun), came back, went and got construction paper for Ladie’s school lesson on homophones, and came back to chill for a bit. After Ladie was done with her lesson she left to spend the rest of her weekend in Rexburg with her sister, but the chilling for Jordan and I didn’t stop when she left. We kind of chilled for the rest of the day. Jordan didn’t change out of his pajamas all day, or go outside. Neither of us wanted to leave for lunchtime so we ordered a pizza (something with a lot of meat from Domino’s). We just watched tv all day, and were planning on leaving, but just didn’t end up getting out of the house. Jonathan and Rebecca Monson came over for a couple house at 10, where we watched the end of Reign of Fire (with Christian Bale), and then the last 45 minutes of Notting Hill. It was a pretty nice Saturday, and super good to see Ladie, again for the second weekend in a row.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sooooooo funny

This is the funniest thing I've ever heard about Halloween---it's exactly how it's so funny.

Monday, October 13, 2008

College Roommate Weekend

(make sure to click on all of the hyperlinks---they're good ones)

I blame it on pregnancy and also spending the whole summer by myself, but when 5:30 pm Friday afternoon rolled around, I did not want to spend the weekend alone. I’m usually ok with being by myself—-I can eat, watch, read, and do whatever I want. It’s usually pretty nice to spend some time by myself, but Friday night, that was not going to fly. So I called Ladie and Kate (who was going to be in Utah for the weekend) and we figured that I could stay at Ladie’s for the weekend (and follow her around a bit) and be able to see Kate sometime. This turned out to be the greatest idea ever. I was nervous about going, because I didn’t really want to drive down by myself (or really at all after all the summer driving), and I knew I had a lot of homework that needed to get done. After I had gotten done packing up and was in the car, but not out of Rexburg yet, I saw that during the time of calling other people I had a missed call from my physics friend Heidi. I listened to her message which said that she had just made dinner and wondered if I wanted to come over, eat, and do homework together. I wasn’t even to the highway yet—it wasn’t too late to turn around and do the smart thing! My solution was to call my mom (who was the one to first convince me to drive down to Utah in the first place) and asked her to convince me the best thing was for me to go to Utah. That was a great idea—she did it and there was no turning around! I got to Ladie’s house at midnight and she and I happily fell asleep talking in her bed.

The next day we happily woke up between 8 and 9 and made a batch of pumpkin pancakes with one of Ladie’s friends Taylor (who brought over that milk in a glass because he didn't have--and I quote "a sippy cup to bring it in." .

They were the most spectacular thing I’ve ever eaten. I’m sure it’s the pregnancy, but I just love pumpkin right now and they were extraordinary! They were gluten-free, because Ladie can’t eat gluten, but they were super super super good. I’m making them tonight with whole-wheat flour and they’ll hopefully turn out. While we were eating them, we watched a few episodes of Arrested Development (funny as ever), and snarked down the whole batch of pancakes. After we were done eating, Ladie and I went to a yoga class that Ladie goes to almost everyday (a real one, not one at BYUI, and not on a tape), and it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. It was nice to stretch my body and put it in different positions that aren’t in my regular regime of sitting in a chair and taking notes or sitting on my bed and doing homework. This is the room it was in, only it isn't a lounge anymore, it's a yoga room. The walls are the same color though, and there's still a window in the back. We did a lot of breathing which was really nice to just focus on breathing and not think about anything but the air circulating through your body. We did a lot of “sun salutations” and so I got a hang of them after a few sets of those. There were a few parts where I couldn’t really do because of my belly, but it wasn’t awkward, and I just did something else instead. It was a 90 minute class, which I didn’t think I’d be able to get through, but I did! I learned that my arms are really weak and that my abs have gotten pretty weak after not working out since school started. My arms, shoulders, and abs are pretty sore today, but it’s a pretty nice kind of sore. This morning while I was getting ready to go to school, I decided it would be kind of nice to do some yoga, so I did a couple things I remembered from the class and it was really nice! I really like using my body and keeping it active. It only took my 15 minutes to do everything I remembered, so I’m going to make an effort to get up an extra 15 minutes early so that I’ll be able to do it.

We got home, got ready for the night, and Enter Kate! She and Nic came up from Provo and the four of us went to Sawadee, the greatest Thai restaurant I’ve ever eaten at! Ladie’s been there a ton of times and really enjoys it and she was certainly right about the quality of food! The service was also super super fast, and the only solitary thing I would complain about was that every time they filled up my water glass, they kept adding ice so by the end of the night my glass was just full of ice. The pad thai was the best pad thai I’ve ever eaten, and I wish I could eat it every day. It was a little different than I’ve had before, in that it was a little sweeter, but it was absolutely spectacular. Our friend Greg loves this restaurant, but he had already eaten, so he just stopped by and talked to us while we ate. We got a lot of other dishes, which were all good, but the pad thai was certainly the best. That man with the spectacular beard is Greg, and it is has the most interesting texture to touch...I don't mind it even a bit. I'll put pictures up of Jordan's beard next. He shaved it off a few days ago, but I still want it to be recorded that he had one. After that we went to a great chocolate place that is run by a midget, but I guess he had surgery a few weeks ago so he hasn’t come back to work yet, so only regular sized people were there. It certainly didn’t change the quality of the food, though! I got a dark hot-chocolate, and I could have drunk it all night long. It was super super super thick, and exactly the way that hot chocolate should taste. It’s a good thing I live 4 hours away from that place or I’d be tempted to go back much more than necessary. (The following is an actual picture from the actual chocolate place) After that, Kate, Ladie, and I went back to Ladie's for a sleepover!

The first snow had fallen that day, and I had some of their Christmas presents in the back of my car so we had a little Christmas! The following is a video of it---I got Kate a Katherine Hepburn book and Ladie a Musée D'orsay picture book. It was a good idea and very fun.

The next day was kinda chill. We slowly got up and ready for the day, I drove Kate down to Provo and then got to see Rachel! We went to a restaurant called Carabba's Italian Grill and it was a very very very enjoyable meal. I got some kind of chicken filled with cheese (super good), with grilled zucchini. She got a smoothie and I got a frozen lemonade, and they came in these super sweet glasses that are in the picture. We also got dessert which were cheap and came in these super sweet small containers. We each chose two to eat, but I wish I had only gotten one because they were super rich. They were super super super good though, and very asthetically pleasing. It was super good to chat with Rachel and see her after a good long time of not seeing her (coming down to Utah just doesn't happen as often as it should).

After that I drove home! All in all it was a super good weekend and I'm so glad I did it! Every part was great and the lower gas gets, hopefully the more often it'll be able to happen!


I'll be writing about my spectacular weekend hopefully later tonight, but I just wanted to point out that we're in the double digits for the baby countdown! I love being pregnant and am definitely going to be sad when I'm not pregnant anymore, but I also am so ecstatically excited for the baby to come that it doesn't seem like it'll be soon enough that he comes.

Love love love you all!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Autumn is here!

All the spices that go in pumpkin pie are my favorite spices of all time, and autumn is when we use them the most, so I love autumn! You can already see that there has been a change to the format of the blog to celebrate the autumness of the time.

I started getting excited about autumn when this picture was posted on Kate's blog. It just looked so absolutely spectacularly autumn that the only thing to do was to get excited about the fabulous time of year. I've already made pumpkin bread pudding and they have pumpkin pie ice cream at Maverick, but just in case you don't have a handy Maverick nearby, you can go get Edy's Pumpkin Ice Cream . I also made pumpkin bran muffins which were super good even though they didn't really taste like pumpkin. It seems like I've made more autumn things lately but I can't for the life of me remember what they were. I think I'm going to make pumpkin bread though within the next couple of days when I get the chance. I also plan on cooking up some beef stew this week and I'd like to make some lentil soup sometime too.

Autumn is all so nice--all the fall smells of the dying leaves (not super happy if you think about what's coming up), raking the leaves and then the smell of burning them, and all the rest of the things that go along with autumn.

To celebrate autumn and the holiday that's coming up we had FHE with some friends and carved pumpkins! We did one that looks like Ironman and it just looks so awesome. Jordan and I both cleaned out the pumpkin, and then Jordan had the Ironman idea and I drew the outline of his face from a picture online and then we just taped it on the pumpkin and made it happen! We think it looks super awesome and I'm super glad Jordan had such a great idea!
We also baked pumpkin seeds which turned out better than Jordan and I have ever made them! It's because Katie (the the girl in the middle) pretty much did the whole thing and made sure not to burn them (that's always our problem). They tasted oh so good and I've been eating them all day at school!
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