Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're Here to Stay! EDITED

We have decided to stay in Wayan, ID even.  Jordan got a job (yayayayay!), and we''re moving into a little house today.  We're excited about it and glad we finally made a decision!  If you live close and want to visit, there aren't a whole lot of people here (I think the population here is 54...not an exaggeration...), so email me or we'll have cell reception in a couple weeks so give us a call!

EDIT:  We did NOT buy a house--we're just renting one, and a very small one at that.  Just wanted to clarify.  I'll put pictures on here soon (hopefully before this weekend) when I get pictures on the walls and it looks more like our own. 

Here is where we're living:
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I don't even know what our address is--I just know it's some number on Wayan Loop, Wayan, ID 83285.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We're still in Idaho!

We've been in Idaho since the end of July--and been having a blast! 

We've been enjoying very much the outdoors by going on fourwheeler rides everyday and having bonfires as often as possible! 

We were introduced to GIANT marshmallows, shown in comparison to a regular marshmallow--they're amazing!  You cook the outside, slide the cooked skin off, and then cook it again!  It's like 5 marshmallows in 1!  This is a strawberry one, but it's disgusting--just the white ones are good (to me...).

We've also had some fun huckleberryin'.  We really like it.  Porter sits on a log and just eats the huckleberries off the bush while I's win-win! 

There is a family with two young girls in our ward who Porter plays with and they just have a blast!  We have a wagon and they just love pulling each other around in it.

They also have a cat that Port loves to carry around like it's a baby.

We'll put an update on our job status later in the week when everything is finalized--we're finally making a decision!
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