Saturday, June 27, 2009

I know...

I know...I haven't been very good at keeping this updated. I will---I promise because I want it recorded and want everyone to see the great pictures!

However, I will put some pictures of our great adventure today! I am in North Carolina with Porter, and we are staying with my old roommmate Brittany Ruch, Kate (who's living in NYC) and her roommate Meg (her name is Megan Margaret, she is from Missouri, and she is a Math teacher). One of my special requests for while I was visiting was to go to the Atlantic Ocean! Porter went to the Pacific Ocean while we were in San Fran in April, and we were going to be too close to miss it! I am so glad we did because I LOVE THE BEACH!!! Porter didn't like it as much as I wanted him to. I think he was a little overstimulated with being hot, being covered in sand, being wet, and having everything taste like salt. He didn't like the first few hours, and wouldn't even go in the water at all. It wasn't the wet, or the cold...he was afraid of the waves. I would just hold him above the waves and he would be silent until the waves would start to get close and he would start to wimper and then cry when then came up under him (but still NOT touching him). Later we got him a little more used to it (partially by burying him in the sand), and he liked it a lot more. It was a little hard for me to keep him from getting scared because the waves were kinda big so he didn't stay in the water a super long time, but I'm glad we got in (and got some great pictures!) Oh my gosh, we also started out the day by going to the Carborough Farmer's Market. IT'S MY FAVORITE. I could have just walked around for HOURS, even though it isn't super big. I walked through the whole thing like 4 times (we were only there MAYBE a half an hour), but I just didn't want to leave! I loved all the textures of the food, all the gorgeous hippies, and just all the atmosphere. Everyone was super friendly and everything was so casual and trusting. There was a dish full of cut up fruit at this one table and people were just supposed to have samples. There are samples at every table, so it's strange that I chose this particular one to question, but I just found is so intriguing that people were just supposed to use their bare hands to get the fruit out of the dish...whatever! Love hippies! Love love love it. That was the day! I'll update more when I get the chance! I've been super good at taking lots of pictures so I'll have lots of stuff to remind me of the great things that happened! I'm leaving NC Monday night, and tomorrow (Sunday) will be a day full of church, and Brittany's great sister cooking us pork ribs and hummus for dinner (yummmm), and Monday will be a day full of fun with at least some pool swimming because it is DANG hot here!

Oh right...and I cut my hair.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lucky in Love

There are so many things to write about, and there are so many better pictures of the great things going on in my life right now (like being in NY! and soon NC!) but here is a picture I found on my family's computer of Jordan and my engagement pictures and I edited it (just a little) and thought I'd share it.

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