Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nauvoo History and Halloween

Making Rope

 In the visitor's center.  I sit here and listen to the recording of Christ every time we go--it's so nice.
 Every night (except Sunday) the missionaries put on a play called Rendezvous about the Saint leaving Nauvoo.  It's really neat, and in the month we've been gone we've been three time already.
 This is my cousin who is from Malad!  Small world!

 There's a Pumpkin Walk where J's work gets 500 pumpkins and anyone from the community can come and carve them, which they then line Main Street with.  There's a parade where everyone dressed up walks down and waves at people.  I think P thought it was awkward.  People looooooooooved E in her Oompa Loompa outfit.  

 We made "Halloween Pie" which is just pumpkin pie, and then found out that P doesn't like pumpkin pie, and neither does J or E, so I, during the next couple days ate the entire thing myself.

 We went to a Halloween party at this house and there were too many pumpkins to count.  It was so cool!

 Sometimes the fog gets CRAZY.  You can see here that you can barely see the steeple.

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