Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some pictures...

 First School Pictures Ever

 Picnic on the Nauvoo Temple lawn

 Playing at our picnic on the Nauvoo Temple lawn

 Catching them on the ipad before church


 Meeting Elder Oaks--we prepped the kids for WEEKS before we went and met him. Had the kids watch his talks, had his picture in our living room, talked about his job, talked about why he was important, and so many other things!  We wanted to make sure they KNEW why he was a big deal, instead of just a guy who they didn't know.  Also, in the forefront is President Condie--he's a really wonderful man.

I don't know if we're doing a Christmas letter again this year, so this might be the closest thing to a family picture we do.  Especially now that I've got braces and P had a tooth pulled...we look kinda weird.

 Aneta reading to E.

Dave reading to P.

Halloween clothes from Grandma Tawna!
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