Saturday, October 9, 2010

We live in the Wild Wild West


I think I'm going to have a series of posts showing how we live in the Wild Wild West--because we do.  It's a different kind of life--a lot more basic, but really cool.  Our house is pretty small, but with plenty of room for our little family.  The first picture is the view from our driveway.  Our friends let us borrow their playplace and Porter lives most of his days climbing on it or going down the slide.  In the second picture, that's the back of the house and why yes, that is a clothes line--and it is awesome.  We have a dryer downstairs in the basement, but we've only used it one time because I just loooooove to hang clothes up on the line.  I don't think we'll be able to do it as soon as it starts to snow so I'm living it up and hanging the line as much as I can.

We have a thermostat, but we don't want to use it very often because propane costs and wood we get for free, so that's the wood we have so far, but we'll have to get three times as much to make it through the winter.

Bring on our Wild West Adventure!

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