Friday, June 29, 2012

San Francisco

We went to San Francisco--it was a blast.  We stayed with some friends from college, went to the beach, Tilden Park near Berkeley, Fishermen's Wharf, The Exploratorium (what an absolute dream), went swimming in their pool, played at lots of parks, and had a GREAT time all around.  We're so glad we went and had so much fun. 
P & Olivia at the beach

E's a walking fiend.

Ham, ham, ham.

Thank you Kim for the super sweet bathing suit and hat--they're perfection.

I swear it was 120 degrees at that park.

Being chased by P on the grass.

P think he's in their family.

 E's first time on the airplane

On the top level of the ferry on the way to San Fran.

Second level of the ferry.

Boudin Bakery--awesome, awesome, awesome.

Aquatic Park at the end of the Pier near Ghirardelli's Square

A tiger at Rainforest Cafe

I don't know what this was to other people, but it looked like a physical representation of a projectile to me--whatever it was supposed to be, it was rad.  It was a rotating string.

This was in the monochromatic room.  Everything was this color, and then they had flashlights hanging from above that you could shine on the different objects to show the colors you were really looking at.  This first picture is with the light to make it all the same, and the next is with the flash of the camera so the other colors would show up.  This world is so flippin awesome.

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