Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Will I Do?

After a couple of very lonely and boring nights, I've decided that I can be creative with how I spend my time.
For instance, I (after getting my sweet Bengal Card ) I checked out two books: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Volume 1, and My Life which is Henry Fonda's autobiography. I'm kinda big into old celebrity's autobiographies lately. I just finished Katharine Hepburn's autobiography. It was wonderful---exactly how all autobiographies should be. You could hear her voice in it. It was like someone just tape recorded her talking and just typed down everything she said...word for word. She would interrupt herself and tell another story she remembered while telling the first one---it was spectacular. I think Buster Keaton is next. I wish the apostles were more full of themselves so they'd write autobiographies. I read Russell M. Nelson and Bruce R. McConkie's biographies, but to get any more I'm going to have to get them at the BYU-I library because they certainly don't have any of the apostle's stuff here at ISU. It's a good place, and certainly a school of learning but it is weird to see kids outside smoking and wearing sweatpants at school. Everytime I see it, I just think, "Did you not have a mother? What's the matter with you!?!"
In addition to reading, I'm going to start painting a little bit, and I have another thing I want to do, but I'm going to have to see if it actually happens, so I'm not going to talk about it yet.
I was also thinking that I'll buy my books for next semester and just have them lying around so that if I get bored then hopefully I'll start reading up on the things I'll need to know in the falltime.
A comment about the weather here this year: no good. April is J and my favorite month of the year (weatherwise) (...for reasons other than the weater, it's probably September for J because that's when hunting season opens) because it's not too hot and not too cold, the grass has begun to bloom, it's perfect walking weather, etc. Not this year---today is April 24th---the end of the month, and it snowed today! Tomorrow it's supposed to be the highest temperature of the week, and it's only 51!!! What's the deal with that!?!?!? I'm tired of wearing coats. I boycotted them for the last month of the semester but I've accepted them back into my life during the past week---no good.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My New Job

So, work at ISU started yesterday. Super scary. I got an assignment that I'm kinda scared about, but everything's going to be alright, and I'll figure it all out.
I didn't have a computer or a library card or anything yesterday, so I just read a lot of books that had to do with my project and tried to understand any of it. Well, I now have a desk:
I don't have pictures of my apartment yet, but I'll get them soon.
Also, I'm in love with this song that I guess has been out forever, but it's new to me:
Anyway, I'll probably write more another time, but I'm going to go to the grocery store and then finish moving into my apartment.

Monday, April 14, 2008

No Pictures

We're in NY for the week visiting my family. It was a super busy last week of school, but ended in J and I at Wingers high-fiving each other every 3.243 minutes because we didn't have to do homework that night or go to school the next day. There is lots in between that night and today (Monday), but we can safely say that we have a new car, I signed my lease for Pocatello, J's living in a basement, and we got to NY on all the planes we had planned on taking at the beginning of the trip.
So far here, we haven't really done anything. As I sit here at the computer it doesn't really sink in that I'm here and it'll probably hit me in three weeks or so when I'll've already gone, but it's been fun so far.
Tomorrow I'm making the same breakfast I made for Valentine's Day for my family and the sister missionaries. We're also going to Savoir Faire which is a store that I guess has a ton of spectacular hats and scarves that all the girls in my family will have a fun time trying on and taking pictures of ourselves.
We're also going to the Saratoga Battlefield on Wednesday which should be a good time. We're also going to attend Dad's class in Rutland, VT that night, and that lecture's going to be on psychotherapy...we'll see how that goes.
J and I still aren't on NY time, so it's midnight and we really aren't tired. J has a lot of work that needs to be in by tomorrow (something about 300 doors that need to have their plans edited or something horrible), so he's been working hard. I have one of those books I need to read before I start my internship here that I've started to go through. I just want to absorb as much as possible so that when I start my job on Monday I won't look like the biggest idiot of all time.
All in all, it's good to be here and escape a little from the other world we live in.

Monday, April 7, 2008

No Time

The semester is drawing QUICKLY to a close so I don't have any time to write about anything that's been going on (which is school and Conference), but I've been singing this song whenever I've been alone in the physics room...

On the boardwalk in Atlantic City,
Life will be peaches and cream.
Cinderella, you will find your fella:
Someone who you've waited for.
In romantic, enchantic, Atlantic City,
Down by the old New Jersey shore.

Love you guys.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just Real Quick

I don't have a lot of time to talk, but I went to a research conference this weekend, and these are the pictures from it:
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