Monday, April 7, 2008

No Time

The semester is drawing QUICKLY to a close so I don't have any time to write about anything that's been going on (which is school and Conference), but I've been singing this song whenever I've been alone in the physics room...

On the boardwalk in Atlantic City,
Life will be peaches and cream.
Cinderella, you will find your fella:
Someone who you've waited for.
In romantic, enchantic, Atlantic City,
Down by the old New Jersey shore.

Love you guys.

1 comment:

Sam k said...

cool! I don't know the song. Who sings it? Can't wait for you to come! I think we'll be able to have the hay gone from the side of the house and hopefully in the front, there's just still sooooo much snow! The kids brought the tramp out and put it on the side between us and John. Yesterday was beautiful! Today's just too breezy, but still lovely! Still praying for you....

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