Monday, September 15, 2008


I don't have time to write a lot about what's going on, but my cousin Anne was with us when we went to the doctor's appointment (while dropping her son off at school), and she took a video of it, and here it is!. It's already after we've found out we're having a boy, but you can hear the heart beat, and get another shot of his little knees. It's so awesome--this is the super sweetest thing of all time.

Love love love all of you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

I updated the baby picture post so you can know what each picture is.

I went to the doctor's, and got those super cool pictures, in addition to blood-work and got to talk to the doctor! The pictures showed that the baby is HUGE. An average sized baby is at 50% and he's at 96%. I'm glad he's growing so well, but I sure hope he doesn't have big man syndrome! (That's what I get for taking a biology class) That's where the guy is super tall (like, over 6 1/2 feet), is aggressive, and there's more of a chance he'll have learning disabilities, but there are worse things that could happen! Anyway, so he's spectacularly growing. I asked the doctor about avocados and cucumbers (wondering if they're dark green or not [because they aren't dark green inside]), and if a banana is yellow (because it's white inside), and the doctor reminded me that my baby was huge and that I had nothing to worry about and they just wanted me to eat fruits and vegetables so just calm down. Sigh--this is my first baby, and so I'm going to worry about what's making my baby grow!

I had blood work done, but they said that no news is good news and they haven't called me, so yay!

Yay for babies and yay for baby boys!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pregnant Me

Again with no time, but here's what I look like now, at 5 months. I was at Target and bought a couple shirts for school.

Baby Baby Baby Boy!

These are pictures of our baby boy! I don't have time to write about him right now, but let's just say that he's huge and is "unofficially" due on January 7th instead of January 19th. We're really really really really really excited about having a boy and just can't wait for him to come. Yay for babies!

Alright, this picture is of him showing us that he's a boy. It's like he's kneeling on the floor and we're taking a picture from the bottom, so the two long shapes that are coming together at an angle are his shins and his privates are in the middle.
I can't tell even myself, but this is the picture of them measuring his femur.
This is them measuring his belly.
This is them measuring his skull.
This is the chart that talks about his measurements. It shows that he's huge and growing really fast!
This is his fist--super cute huh? His little bones are growing strong! I guess it's a good thing I'm drinking four cups of milk a day!
This is a creepy alien shot, but a skull looks like that no matter what!
This is him laying on his back. You can see his profile, and I kinda think he has my nose! He's just such a gorgeous little baby!
It seems to be that no one can see that this is a baby except for Jordan and Kaiter, but I sure hope you can! This is a 3D image of his face on the left. You can see his eye, his cheek, his nose, and mouth! He's just a such a beautiful little baby!
This is his thigh coming up from the bottom and his calf is coming off (just like a regular leg does). His muscles are gaining mass! Yay!
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