Monday, September 8, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

I updated the baby picture post so you can know what each picture is.

I went to the doctor's, and got those super cool pictures, in addition to blood-work and got to talk to the doctor! The pictures showed that the baby is HUGE. An average sized baby is at 50% and he's at 96%. I'm glad he's growing so well, but I sure hope he doesn't have big man syndrome! (That's what I get for taking a biology class) That's where the guy is super tall (like, over 6 1/2 feet), is aggressive, and there's more of a chance he'll have learning disabilities, but there are worse things that could happen! Anyway, so he's spectacularly growing. I asked the doctor about avocados and cucumbers (wondering if they're dark green or not [because they aren't dark green inside]), and if a banana is yellow (because it's white inside), and the doctor reminded me that my baby was huge and that I had nothing to worry about and they just wanted me to eat fruits and vegetables so just calm down. Sigh--this is my first baby, and so I'm going to worry about what's making my baby grow!

I had blood work done, but they said that no news is good news and they haven't called me, so yay!

Yay for babies and yay for baby boys!


kristofer and corrine said...

hello, Rebecca. I way cute picture! How are you? What are you up to, besides having a baby? You are welcome to browse my blog anytime... ttyl

Emily Ringel said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you. Boys are great. Don't get me wrong so are girls I just wanted me girls to have a big brother. So cute, anyway hope everything's going good.

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