Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I realize all of the latest posts have been about the baby, and I'll have the next one be about all the stuff we're doing with our summer, but here are a couple good ones.
This is after we washed the truck. Porter slept through the whole thing, until it was time to dry the truck off, and he decided that he felt like this: He really likes splashing in the bathtub, so I hold him with my feet around his body so his feet and arms are free to go CRAZY! He loves it and is just sooo cute doing it!
This was his first experience sitting in the kid seat in the cart instead of sitting in his carseat, and he thought it was pretty fun!
He thought it was fun until he got tired, and then this was the setup I had while I finished my shopping at Walmart.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, we've been trying to get the baby to eat rice cereal, but he just isn't interested. Maybe he isn't interested because it tastes horrible... Anyway, I was eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich yesterday, and he started grabbing for it. Well, there's a good amount of sugar in the jam, so I didn't really want him to have any, but the peanut butter I made myself, and the bread didn't have any milk in it, so Jordan was like "Let's see what he does if we let him have it." So I let him grab my arm to put the sandwich in his mouth, and he loved it! After we gave him a bite, I kept eating the part that wasn't already slobbered on, but in the end there was a little bit of slobbery sandwich left that I was holding in my hand. Porter decided he wanted more, and took it upon himself to take the piece of sandwich out of my hand! He didn't eat it, but he squashed it in his little fist---what a smart little kid! I guess that's the start of his love for pb&j's.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lots of Firsts

Grandma and Grandpa Mayfield for part of my graduation present gave me a book to write all of the baby's firsts in. So, I've been keeping pretty good track of all of his firsts, and yesterday and today've included lots and lots of firsts for the baby!

The first one of Friday was that he discovered his shadow! He was very intrigued by the entire thing, and experimented a lot with him moving around and the figure moving around also.

He also touched wood chips for the first time! We went on a walk to a park a little while away from our house, and there were wood chips in the play area instead of gravel, and he thought wood chips were not as fun as the gravel (he laughed when I would sprinkle gravel on his feet, and did not laugh when I sprinkled wood chips on his feet). He is just absolutely adorable!

The next first was the first time going to Mesa Falls (the first time for Jordan and me too!), and included in that wa that he had never seen a waterfall before! It was a pretty big waterfall, and he gave it the Elvis lip (and one-sided mountain-top eyebrow) for a long time. You can certainly tell that these two are related!

He also touched snow with his hand for the first time. He's been snowed on before, so it's touched his face, but he never had touched a pile of snow before. We couldn't keep his socks on the whole time he was there, because we had to take his regular socks off and put them on his hands, so I put my hair-things around his legs to keep his socks on. It was very neat...

He also drove in the front seat of the car, without a carseat for the first time. We were driving from the upper falls to the lower falls and he was pretty cranky, and we drove slow, so we didn't put him back in his seat.

He also had a piece of mashed potato for the first time, which he happily ate (we're starting him on a little solid foods tomorrow for his 4 month birthday!), but we don't really have a picture of that...

He met a horse for the first time...it was scary, especially because I'm afraid of horses (and pretty much all other animals), and I didn't want the horse to bite my baby (I've had a bad experience with horses and biting), so this is the closest I've ever let a horse get to my face, and it was scary but no one got hurt!

Now for Saturday! (there aren't as many...)

We (Courtney and I) took the baby swimming for the first time! It was sooooooooo fun! I loooooove swimming, and it was the most fun EVER to be able to take him swimming! Court forgot her I-card, so she couldn't come in with us, but definitely next time! Courtney knows everything about kids, so she knew how to teach a baby how to get used to being underwater. He was pretty skeptical about it at the beginning, but it turned out ok. When we put his legs in, and I thought he would start crying then, but he was just fine. So we blew in his mouth so he would breathe in, and then dunked him! It was great! He didn't even cry! He wasn't super psyched about it, but he didn't cry! We practiced him floating on his back a little which he didn't like a super lot, but wasn't horrible!

Lots of firsts!
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