Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, we've been trying to get the baby to eat rice cereal, but he just isn't interested. Maybe he isn't interested because it tastes horrible... Anyway, I was eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich yesterday, and he started grabbing for it. Well, there's a good amount of sugar in the jam, so I didn't really want him to have any, but the peanut butter I made myself, and the bread didn't have any milk in it, so Jordan was like "Let's see what he does if we let him have it." So I let him grab my arm to put the sandwich in his mouth, and he loved it! After we gave him a bite, I kept eating the part that wasn't already slobbered on, but in the end there was a little bit of slobbery sandwich left that I was holding in my hand. Porter decided he wanted more, and took it upon himself to take the piece of sandwich out of my hand! He didn't eat it, but he squashed it in his little fist---what a smart little kid! I guess that's the start of his love for pb&j's.

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Rene said...

Yummy! He's cute doing anything!!

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