Monday, April 26, 2010

Raising Tips for Porter

I get weekly emails from that tell me different things about how Porter's developing, tips on ways to play with him, etc.  This week's email was perfect for what I've been frustrated with him lately.  Here are some ideas:

  • Most consistent idea:  Give him a choice.  Whether it's between grapes or a banana, give him a choice so that it's him who chooses he wants to eat a banana.  So if you want him to take a bath, give him a choice between the toy he wants to play with.  If you want him to put on clothes, let him chose between a green shirt or a red shirt.
  • Give him the appearance of a choice:  Do you want to get out of the car now, or play for two minutes and then get out of the car?  No matter what he'll be getting out of the car but it's making him feel like he has control about his life.
  • As long as he has a balanced diet over a week or a month's time, he's going to be fine.  Work on getting him 5 fruits and vegetables each day, but if it doesn't happen--that's just fine.
  • Some days he'll eat lots and some days he won't eat anything.  That's just fine.
  • When he wants to say "no" to everything, find ways to distract him from saying no.  Here's an example: My 2 1/2-year-old won't always cooperate — no surprise! For instance, I'll ask him to sit down to eat and he'll say "No!" and laugh, and start dancing around instead. That used to make me mad (okay, it still does), but I try to laugh back and say something like, "What's going on there, Legs? You tell Bottom to sit right in that chair!" That makes him laugh and breaks his defiant mood. — Jan, Minnesota
  • Take advantage of the "me do it" attitude.  He wants to do everything himself because he wants to be independent, so make a big deal about him doing it himself.

I dunno...a lot of people have different ways of raising children, but these seem to be consistent with the way I'm raising Porter.  Hope it's helpful for you!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


i'm too tired to type out the wonderful activities that happened with ladie and miss britt came to visit me (just a few days apart!) during the fantastic month of march, but here are some pictures to illustrate how delightful it was. also, i started off editing the pictures from ladie's visit, and was too tired to make the ones from britt even more spectacular than they are, so i'm sorry about that too...




Friday, April 9, 2010

job update

we thought we had something in go.

we're going to the temple tuesday...hopefully we'll have an update on what the plan is after that.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Body Type?

We had some friends over Sunday night and our friend Tanya (aka Jasmine) was one of them and she looked so cute!  The next day I wanted to see if I could look as cute, so I tried a similar outfit, and every time I saw myself in a reflection I was like "Oh my gosh--what is going on here..."  Which led me to the question, what the heck was I doing that is different from her?  Well, I would have to say that our bodies are completely different, so I wondered what clothes make me look good?  So I went online to find out my body type by going here and typing in my measurements.  I am a "spoon" body type (sounds horrible, doesn't it?) means I'm small on top and big on bottom, which I had NEVER thought, but then I went on another site talking about body types and they said "The typical spoon measurements are...." and they were MY MEASUREMENTS!  Whhaaaat?  Along with the website were good and bad ways to work out for your body type, and so I've started to do try the "good ways" today.  We'll see what happens, but the question is,

do you know your body type?
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