Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time Flies

Nope, this post is not about how fast Porter's grown. This is about how in my mind, 20 minutes ago it was 10:15, and the clock just turned 12-midnight. I was pretty excited about getting a good-night's sleep, but that is absolutely not going to happen now...I just wanted to renew my library books! What happened!?!?!


Excluding the two years Jordan was on his mission, he's been to the ranch every year of his life. I've been included in the last five summers, and this year we included the next generation to the ranch. Porter loves it there. He likes the fourwheelers, that he has a high chair, pulling stuff off the coffee table, and so many more things. It's a blast to have him there.

Porter loves feeling the wind in his hair so while he's on the fourwheeler, if we don't put him on the front he'll lean over so he can be in the wind.

Grandpa Buster spends the week asking Grandma Madlyn when "the baby"'s getting there.

It was a little cold during one of the fourwheeling rides, so I fit him inside my sweatshirt. He sure is cute!

The weekend of Labor Day, there's always a rodeo at the Stoor's arena. It starts out with a spectacular lunch of meat, potatoes, baked beans, a tomato, cupcakes, and other stuff that I don't remember. It's sooooo good. Following, there's a rodeo with all the regular rodeo things--calf roping, barrel racing, and again other stuff I don't remember. Jordan and his dad, Merrill, missed it this year because they were working on the house (Jordan's inheritance), but Grandpa and Grandma Bloxham, Porter, and I sat in the back of the Grandparents' truck next to the arena for a comfortable and very enjoyable seat. It got a little cold and rained just a little, and I didn't bring Porter a hat, so I put a pair of pants that were in the diaper bag on his head to keep him warm and dry. It was a blast all the way around. We went on a ride the next day that was pretty enjoyable too.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'll post my own pictures of our train adventure later, but for now, look at Bishop and Sister Beazer's 67th Ward Memories post on my blog list for the great pictures of our train ride. It was great fun!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Summer Adventures (I feel like I'm almost caught up...)

The next summer adventure that was recorded by me taking pictures was when we took Porter on the carousel in Porter Park (yep--I know...) for the 1st time. Porter and I've been going to the park almost everyday this summer, but I wanted it to be an experience he also shared with his dad, so we waited until Jordan had the chance to go with us. I thought he would love all the lights, movement, music, etc., and I'm not saying he didn't, but he didn't squeal with delight the whole time--this was also the day the "monkey face" was invented. Porter's reaction to the carousel consisted of looking around a lot, not wanting to really touch anything, and giving us this face

Also included in that park experience was Porter meeting/touching a brittany spaniel for the 1st time (very big deal to Jordan).

The next exciting adventure was Jordan and my 3rd anniversary. Jordan took the afternoon off work, and we started our adventures by going to--you guessed it, McDonalds! Seeing as the only way Porter gets fast food is when Jordan takes him when he's by himself, Porter got ice for his McDonalds treat--yay ice!?

We then went on a drive and found a little area of river with a boat dock that we sat on and played in the water. It was nice and relaxing, and it was a super hot day so that was refreshing.

We then dropped Porter off at a babysitter's (thanks Nate and Elisa), and we headed down to Idaho Falls to see Harry Potter and go out to dinner. We didn't have time to go to dinner first, and it was our anniversary so we could do whatever we wanted. Guess what we did? We bought food at the theater! I know--it's crazy. But it was great! Jordan got nachos and a slushi and I got Dibs. Yum! We then went into the huge, nice, comfortable, reclining chairs, theater and enjoyed Harry Potter 6. It was wonderful to just be with Jordan (and our theater was so rad! They had the greatest pictures on the walls). On the way out of the theater, there was this funny sign on the doors, and I had to take a picture of it, so here it is. Afterwards, we were still hungry so we went and picked up a rack of ribs at Texas Roadhouse to go, and we ate it when we got home. It was a great anniversary!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We've also been to the zoo twice this summer, the first time with our friend Elisa and her two kids Claire and Christian, and the second time with our friends Jennie with her baby Tori and Stephanie with her baby Carter. As I remember it, I've only been to the zoo one other time and it was the Columbus, Ohio zoo when I was like, 6. So, we went to the Idaho Falls zoo, and it was so fun! We saw a yak, zebras, lions, tigers, a sloth, camels, pelicans, penguins, and all sorts of other animals--super cool. Porter didn't think it was that great, and wasn't super interested in all of it, but I tried. He really really really liked the monkeys, though. really like them. He tried to get as close as possible to them, and was just very curious. I like the monkeys the best, I think, too. He got to go into the petting zoo also, and pet some goats--he was really good about petting them nicely.

Rachel's Graduation

My sister Rachel graduated from beauty school, so I went down to Utah for that. It was great to see her walk, and she was asked to give a speech and everything at her graduation, so that was pretty cool. I didn't actually get any pictures of the graduation itself, but I got a picture of her when we went to dinner (we went to a hibachi was great!). I need to still get some pictures from my mom. It was great, and Porter liked the fire (of course...). It was super hot down in Provo, so Mom and I went to the DI to get her a suit and then we went to Veteran's pool to go swimming. Porter likes the water so much---it was so fun!

Bodily Ranch Reunion

At the ranch during the end of July Jordan's parents and his brother with his family came and stayed for a while. It was a blast for us all to be there. We went on a hike in Afton, had Theresa's birthday, went fourwheeling, had family pictures (we had 5 generations together), and pretty much just had a good time. It's fun that Porter's cousin, Wyatt, is so close in age to him because they played some together. They're just so cute! Tawna taught Porter to stick out his tongue, and every time he would smile, he would stick out his tongue. It was cute while it lasted, but he kinda got away from it. He also puts his hand on people's heads for whatever reason--there are so many pictures of him doing it to people. It was a great trip and it was great to see everyone!

Friday, September 4, 2009

How to Shoot Your Kids

Hahahahahaaaaa. I saw this book on The Sartorialist blog which I used to check everyday, but in the last couple months have gotten away from it. However, I remembered it again, and went on it, and here was this book! I know that it's about shooting pictures, but it doesn't say that in the title---it says How to Shoot Your Kids---I almost died laughing. What a hilarious title. Good job Arthur Elgort.

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