Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Excluding the two years Jordan was on his mission, he's been to the ranch every year of his life. I've been included in the last five summers, and this year we included the next generation to the ranch. Porter loves it there. He likes the fourwheelers, that he has a high chair, pulling stuff off the coffee table, and so many more things. It's a blast to have him there.

Porter loves feeling the wind in his hair so while he's on the fourwheeler, if we don't put him on the front he'll lean over so he can be in the wind.

Grandpa Buster spends the week asking Grandma Madlyn when "the baby"'s getting there.

It was a little cold during one of the fourwheeling rides, so I fit him inside my sweatshirt. He sure is cute!

The weekend of Labor Day, there's always a rodeo at the Stoor's arena. It starts out with a spectacular lunch of meat, potatoes, baked beans, a tomato, cupcakes, and other stuff that I don't remember. It's sooooo good. Following, there's a rodeo with all the regular rodeo things--calf roping, barrel racing, and again other stuff I don't remember. Jordan and his dad, Merrill, missed it this year because they were working on the house (Jordan's inheritance), but Grandpa and Grandma Bloxham, Porter, and I sat in the back of the Grandparents' truck next to the arena for a comfortable and very enjoyable seat. It got a little cold and rained just a little, and I didn't bring Porter a hat, so I put a pair of pants that were in the diaper bag on his head to keep him warm and dry. It was a blast all the way around. We went on a ride the next day that was pretty enjoyable too.

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Rene said...

Oh my heck, these are hilarious!!! Our boy is the cutest thing on the planet!

I looked at your bishops site, too, and loved seeing you in your regular world.

Porter with the pants on his head looks JUST LIKE JORDAN!!! Sooo cute!!

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