Friday, January 29, 2010


Alright, to everyone who got the message that I'm stuck in London--#1, I wish. #2, Both my Facebook and Gmail accounts got hacked into, so you might have gotten an e-mail or a Facebook message or both about me being stuck in London with no money because we had been held up at gunpoint. #3, who would have the guts to rob Jordan other than this man--he's huge.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for all the texts and e-mails!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


My last few adventures have included my girlfriends Kate and Tabitha.

Kate came to California for an old roommate's wedding and I got to spend a precious amount of like...16 hours with her. I grabbed her at the airport and we went to this divine pizza place (I'm not big into pizza but this place certainly was good). We had about an hour before we had to go get her great friend Meghan (who I also loooove), so WE WENT TO THE BEACH. It was divine in every single way possible--margarita pizza (mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and huge pieces of basil...that's the whole thing but it was sooooo good) and THE BEACH--WHAT MORE COULD YOU AS FOR!!??!?! We were saved by the GPS because it's the only way I can get myself anywhere...and we got to the beach with it...yesssssssss. The rest of the night was spent watching tv while Porter slept in the closet in his pack-n-play, and spectacularly being with other girls my age who talked a lot (I yearn for it...), and the morning was spent getting ready for the day and driving to the LA temple. It doesn't sound super eventful, but it certainly was divine.

Adventure #2 was without was crazy. I drove to San Francisco and Porter stayed home with Jordan and his parents so Jordan could find out what it was like to be a mom, and so Jordan's parents could spend as much time as possible with Porter. As I sat 400 miles away talking to Jordan on the phone, I could hear in the background, Tawna saying "Here Porter, Porter, Porter--would you like some yummy cupcake?" Yesssss...sugar AND dream. Tabitha and I had a really enjoyable time together...most of it revolving around food, especially food that was good for us and had to do with soup (two of my absolute favorite things in the entire world). I got there Saturday night, so the first thing we did the next morning was go to church. We then came home, ate lentil and barley soup (divine), and then WENT TO THE BEACH!!! It wasn't a play day at the beach because it was so rainy and so cold, but a nice walk around day. I've gotta be honest, there is not a thing that is better than the beach.
I love it, i love it, i love it. We visited a lighthouse with the most gynormous objects around (if anyone knows what they are, I would LOVE to know...).

The next day we went to a SUPER cool candy store that's in a town spelled Los Gatos, but pronounced Lah-s Gah-tays--I's awkward. There were so many different kinds of candy! I got a bag and just filled it with lots of black licorice, some Jordan almonds, some jelly bellies, and some HUGE malt balls. Yummmmmmm. There were also Wonka Bars by the box-full, and also Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory playing on their flat-screen in the back. What a great idea. We also went to Whole Foods (which I had NEVER been to before, and really really liked it).

The next day was SAN FRANCISCO. I love that place. I love it for the fish smell, the wet, the cold (it rained the whole 4 days I was there), and how there are so many chocolate stores trying to hook in Ghirardelli's customers. Inside Ghirardelli's square, there is the most beautiful tea house I've ever been in called Crown and Crumpet Tea Salon. I walked inside and it was like all the beautiful things in my mind leaked out into real-life. It is gorgeous. (Not a great picture of me, I know) I took lots of pictures that I'll put on here, but you should just go here because the picture quality is much better. Everytime I think of it, it just makes me so happy cause I just liked it so much. I had some really good tea and some even better scones. They gave me 4 different kinds of spreads to put on it (jam, lemon curd, butter, and whipped butter), but the only kind I used was the whipped butter...sooooo good. Tabitha doesn't like tea (reminder that it was herbal tea...let's keep that straight), so I drank the whole pot which was something like 6 cups--so good! We sat there for like, 2 hours as it poured rain outside (what a perfect place to be as it rained) just talking and getting to know each other better. We finished the night with some clam chowder for me, and some sushi for Tabitha. It was a great day.

The next day we took it easy before I had to drive home, walking around a couple shops, and coming home to make some really good german pancakes.

Great adventures all the way around!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentines Day Card Swap!

I am going to be a part of a Valentines Day Card Swap hosted by Auburn Street, and you should do it too! Go here to look at the information and if you want to, you can do it too!

The gist of it is that you send 5 people blank Valentines Day cards and you receive cards from 5 different people! I'm excited to get the creative juices flowing!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


i looked it up, and to go backpacking in europe for 2 months it would cost the pb&j bodily family $10,000.

i have to fling the words "let's go into debt and go to europe" out of my mind at least...once a day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Peanut Butter and Jelly

You can skip to right around 1 minute to get to the good stuff.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Porter, Dear


Porter's 1st birthday was a blast! He, of course, had no idea why everything was happening, but we did! The Bodily grandparents and we had been practicing with him to blow a candle out which he can absolutely do! However, it took some coaxing because it was a different candle than we had been using before so he wanted to grab it (hence, the angry picture of him as we held his hands so he wouldn't touch the candle). He did it, though! I hope you can see the smoke in the one picture of him blowing it out because it's PERFECT!

Tawna decorated his bedroom door the same way she did with Jordan and Garrett as they were growing up. What a fun tradition!

I didn't want to make the everyday laying-down-1-sheetcake, so I made one that stood up! Since all of it had to be milk free, the frosting didn't turn out how I wanted so it's a little mushy, but it was worth it because there was no diarrhea today! I wanted the cake to be full of fun boy color, so the inside of the cake is blue and the frosting's green. He just scooped the frosting off the outside at the beginning until he realized there was stuff inside too! After a while he thought using his hands was taking too much time so he just stuffed his face right into the cake! I LOVED IT.

We then had to give him a bath (another treat for him), and then for the presents! He's getting the hang of ripping the paper off the boxes, so he did that, and got lots of cool things from G&G Bodily and our down-the-street neighbor, Craig! Some of those included sunglasses (soooooo cute), a texture ABC book (which I loooove), two pairs of shoes (sandals and ADORABLE sneakers), some great dinosaur footsie pajamas, and some great shorts along with a race car shirt! We put the shoes on him immediately and made him walk around in them, and Merrill said he looked like when a baby giraffe takes his first steps. It was so cute. I think he had a great first birthday and I'm excited for more to come!

P.S. Merrill reminded me that in 6 months he'll be going to nursery and it makes me sad a little--why does my child have to get big?!?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Won Another Giveaway!

I have won another giveaway! I entered it on for a winter wonderland party kit (complete with edible cupcake wrappers, the dragees, a snowflake cookie cutter, and snowflake sugars from Fancy Flours. What a fun thing! Thanks giverslog for the great giveaway!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

People's Choice Awards

I got tickets for the People's Choice Awards for Jordan as a Christmas present, but he didn't really want them...there was no way I was going to return them... So I took back the serger and we went!

I wanted to look AWESOME. I was most excited about the chance to get really dressed up, so I went all out! I made sure to put my non-sweat stuff on the night before (yessss...always forget that), and this morning I showered, blow-dried my hair and then went to Macy's to get my make-up done for free! It was cool, and Jordan really likes me with foundation and lipstick, but it's expensive so I don't think I'm going to keep it up. It was fun to have pretty skin for the night, though. I then got home, curled my hair, squeezed into my dress (I had to put a back panel on it to keep it modest, which made it harder to get into...kind of like those speed suits the Olympic Swimmers wear. But, after that we got going! It was so fun to go out on a fun dress-up date night! I saw a picture of Christian Dior's 2009 Autumn line which gave me the idea for the design of my dress. Here are some more pictures of the dress...just in case you want to see more. I made my clutch too, which I'm really proud of, and here's a not-so great picture of it. Here's also a close-up of my necklace, which I was planning on making, but found one at Charlotte Russe for $10 and just couldn't pass it up--it's gorgeous!

We got there, parked, walked up to the red carpet and stood there for a good amount of time to see celebrities, but only saw people who we didn't know (the Good Girls Gone Bad band we saw first but didn't know who they were). We then walked around to where we saw a bunch of people in line. I was hoping if we looked cool enough they'd let us into cool area that's closer, but then I asked some people in line what it was and they said it was the VIP line, which you had to pay a lot of money for tickets. HOWEVER, a cool thing that came out of that conversation was that they all LOVED my dress! I usually don't tell people when I've made something I wearing, but I just COULD NOT HELP MYSELF. I was really excited about it! We then had to go through this one area which was ACROSS THE RED CARPET (picture 1, just a shot of the red one famous. picture 2, blurry picture of the bottom of my skirt with the red carpet underneath as I walked across it. I was trying to get a picture of my shoes on the red carpet, but my blasted camera didn't work fast enough). We then went into the Nokia Theater, went to sit down and they told us to go out, find two people with a stack of tickets, and get new tickets. So we did, and we were on the floor! I guess they didn't sell all the orchestra ones (which were 3x what we paid for our tickets), so they were sending people down there. COOL!!!! We were on the far left-hand side, facing the stage, 34 rows back. We had brought binoculars but didn't really need them--I used them a good amount of time to get a better look at the stars but Jordan didn't use them once. Here's a picture of us on the's blurry but I still like it.

I watched the awards on DVR a couple times and couldn't find me in any of the shots, but during Hugh Laurie's (House) speech (best actor for a tv drama), right after he says the word "American," you can hear a lone "woooow!" And then a bunch of other louder people cheer...but that first woooow was me. I cheered during Steve Carell's speech, and it seems like Hugh Jackman's speech too, but I can't find where they were so I'll just be happy to be in House's speech.

We saw a lot of cool people. Something I really liked was that Taylor Swift, during each commercial break stood up so people could come get pictures taken with her (I didn't...there were way too many people who were way more eager than me). Also, whenever one of her friends won, she stood up to clap! Most of the time it was just her standing up (with who must have been a girlfriend or something because they always both stood up), but it was a sea of celebrities sitting and her standing up! I thought it was really classy and supportive. Something interesting about being there was that we always knew who won because we knew which celebrities were there. Everyone, except Johnny Depp. When Johnny Depp was announced, everyone shot out of their seats cheering, but then the announcer kept talking about him so we thought he'd be accepting the award via video or something, especially since we KNEW he was not sitting in the front. So you can kind of hear a collective moan of disappointment from everyone as we all sat down, but then as he came out on stage we were all so excited to really see him! For whatever reason, I got weepy a little bit (I got a little weepy during Sandra Bullock and Taylor Swift's speeches also). It was really cool to see in real life such a talented man. I really do think he's good in all the movies he's done. Something also interesting is that it seems like if the stars who won couldn't attend, they didn't announce it, because Miley Cyrus won best breakout artist or something and she wasn't there.

Here's a picture of me as we're walking out. It isn't a great shot, but it has the People Choice Awards stuff in the back, so that's why I'm putting it on.
Afterwards, we went driving around for a sitdown restaurant that wasn't too fancy but wasn't McDonalds. Didn't work. We ended up stopping at Carl R's so Jordan could get a hamburger, me some fries, and then we just ate leftovers when we got home (nothing but classy for the Bodilys)

That was our great night at the People's Choice Awards! Thanks everyone who was excited with me!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Compilation...

I discovered Google Reader from my friend Kate and it is my absolute love. I now keep up with the blogs I follow with much ease. Here are some things I've discovered lately that I really liked: I got this from Monina Makes. Thank heavens my current residence is California so that this isn't me because Wednesday, in 83440, the low will be -7, but pretty much feel like outer darkness...I might just wear shorts tomorrow just so I can and not really because it's actually warm enough to wear shorts.

This is a New Year's Resolution Generator that is SO FUN. Click it, keep clicking "Gimme More" until you absolutely can't take it anymore...

I love this skirt and am planning on making one as soon as I finish with my current order, and my People's Choice dress (which shall have the same bottom as this in a gray color).

Happy New Year!
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