Thursday, January 7, 2010

People's Choice Awards

I got tickets for the People's Choice Awards for Jordan as a Christmas present, but he didn't really want them...there was no way I was going to return them... So I took back the serger and we went!

I wanted to look AWESOME. I was most excited about the chance to get really dressed up, so I went all out! I made sure to put my non-sweat stuff on the night before (yessss...always forget that), and this morning I showered, blow-dried my hair and then went to Macy's to get my make-up done for free! It was cool, and Jordan really likes me with foundation and lipstick, but it's expensive so I don't think I'm going to keep it up. It was fun to have pretty skin for the night, though. I then got home, curled my hair, squeezed into my dress (I had to put a back panel on it to keep it modest, which made it harder to get into...kind of like those speed suits the Olympic Swimmers wear. But, after that we got going! It was so fun to go out on a fun dress-up date night! I saw a picture of Christian Dior's 2009 Autumn line which gave me the idea for the design of my dress. Here are some more pictures of the dress...just in case you want to see more. I made my clutch too, which I'm really proud of, and here's a not-so great picture of it. Here's also a close-up of my necklace, which I was planning on making, but found one at Charlotte Russe for $10 and just couldn't pass it up--it's gorgeous!

We got there, parked, walked up to the red carpet and stood there for a good amount of time to see celebrities, but only saw people who we didn't know (the Good Girls Gone Bad band we saw first but didn't know who they were). We then walked around to where we saw a bunch of people in line. I was hoping if we looked cool enough they'd let us into cool area that's closer, but then I asked some people in line what it was and they said it was the VIP line, which you had to pay a lot of money for tickets. HOWEVER, a cool thing that came out of that conversation was that they all LOVED my dress! I usually don't tell people when I've made something I wearing, but I just COULD NOT HELP MYSELF. I was really excited about it! We then had to go through this one area which was ACROSS THE RED CARPET (picture 1, just a shot of the red one famous. picture 2, blurry picture of the bottom of my skirt with the red carpet underneath as I walked across it. I was trying to get a picture of my shoes on the red carpet, but my blasted camera didn't work fast enough). We then went into the Nokia Theater, went to sit down and they told us to go out, find two people with a stack of tickets, and get new tickets. So we did, and we were on the floor! I guess they didn't sell all the orchestra ones (which were 3x what we paid for our tickets), so they were sending people down there. COOL!!!! We were on the far left-hand side, facing the stage, 34 rows back. We had brought binoculars but didn't really need them--I used them a good amount of time to get a better look at the stars but Jordan didn't use them once. Here's a picture of us on the's blurry but I still like it.

I watched the awards on DVR a couple times and couldn't find me in any of the shots, but during Hugh Laurie's (House) speech (best actor for a tv drama), right after he says the word "American," you can hear a lone "woooow!" And then a bunch of other louder people cheer...but that first woooow was me. I cheered during Steve Carell's speech, and it seems like Hugh Jackman's speech too, but I can't find where they were so I'll just be happy to be in House's speech.

We saw a lot of cool people. Something I really liked was that Taylor Swift, during each commercial break stood up so people could come get pictures taken with her (I didn't...there were way too many people who were way more eager than me). Also, whenever one of her friends won, she stood up to clap! Most of the time it was just her standing up (with who must have been a girlfriend or something because they always both stood up), but it was a sea of celebrities sitting and her standing up! I thought it was really classy and supportive. Something interesting about being there was that we always knew who won because we knew which celebrities were there. Everyone, except Johnny Depp. When Johnny Depp was announced, everyone shot out of their seats cheering, but then the announcer kept talking about him so we thought he'd be accepting the award via video or something, especially since we KNEW he was not sitting in the front. So you can kind of hear a collective moan of disappointment from everyone as we all sat down, but then as he came out on stage we were all so excited to really see him! For whatever reason, I got weepy a little bit (I got a little weepy during Sandra Bullock and Taylor Swift's speeches also). It was really cool to see in real life such a talented man. I really do think he's good in all the movies he's done. Something also interesting is that it seems like if the stars who won couldn't attend, they didn't announce it, because Miley Cyrus won best breakout artist or something and she wasn't there.

Here's a picture of me as we're walking out. It isn't a great shot, but it has the People Choice Awards stuff in the back, so that's why I'm putting it on.
Afterwards, we went driving around for a sitdown restaurant that wasn't too fancy but wasn't McDonalds. Didn't work. We ended up stopping at Carl R's so Jordan could get a hamburger, me some fries, and then we just ate leftovers when we got home (nothing but classy for the Bodilys)

That was our great night at the People's Choice Awards! Thanks everyone who was excited with me!


Corrine said...

wow!! A) your dress is AWESOME!!! B) you look beautiful C) I am exciting for you that you got to go!! thanks for all the pictures!! :)

Mayfield54 said...

What a FUN time you two had!!! You are beautiful and Jordan is so handsome. Thanks for sharing this special night with us.
Grandpa and Grandma

Jennie said...

YOU LOOK AMAZING! i watched the whole show, and I know exactly what "wooow" you were! super green with envy!!

Rachel Waime Marie said...

Rebecca!!! That is SO COOL!!! I didn't know what those pictures that you were sending me last night were I asked Callie and she told me this morning! that is just SO Awesome that you guys got to do that! and you looked SO BEAUTIFUL!!! and that Dress is just! I want one!

Mayfield54 said...

Rebecca, what material is your dress? I saved it to MyPictures and enlarged it - - the fabric is really beautiful. And can you post a picture of the back? It would be interesting to see how you worked that part.
Gma. Elaine

Fan of The Arts said...

Becca... this is the coolest thing ever!! you are so rad!

sarah calder said...

Becca! You. look. fantastic. Awesome dress. One day, if I am ever rich, I will wear everything you make. Some day!

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