Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Porter, Dear


Porter's 1st birthday was a blast! He, of course, had no idea why everything was happening, but we did! The Bodily grandparents and we had been practicing with him to blow a candle out which he can absolutely do! However, it took some coaxing because it was a different candle than we had been using before so he wanted to grab it (hence, the angry picture of him as we held his hands so he wouldn't touch the candle). He did it, though! I hope you can see the smoke in the one picture of him blowing it out because it's PERFECT!

Tawna decorated his bedroom door the same way she did with Jordan and Garrett as they were growing up. What a fun tradition!

I didn't want to make the everyday laying-down-1-sheetcake, so I made one that stood up! Since all of it had to be milk free, the frosting didn't turn out how I wanted so it's a little mushy, but it was worth it because there was no diarrhea today! I wanted the cake to be full of fun boy color, so the inside of the cake is blue and the frosting's green. He just scooped the frosting off the outside at the beginning until he realized there was stuff inside too! After a while he thought using his hands was taking too much time so he just stuffed his face right into the cake! I LOVED IT.

We then had to give him a bath (another treat for him), and then for the presents! He's getting the hang of ripping the paper off the boxes, so he did that, and got lots of cool things from G&G Bodily and our down-the-street neighbor, Craig! Some of those included sunglasses (soooooo cute), a texture ABC book (which I loooove), two pairs of shoes (sandals and ADORABLE sneakers), some great dinosaur footsie pajamas, and some great shorts along with a race car shirt! We put the shoes on him immediately and made him walk around in them, and Merrill said he looked like when a baby giraffe takes his first steps. It was so cute. I think he had a great first birthday and I'm excited for more to come!

P.S. Merrill reminded me that in 6 months he'll be going to nursery and it makes me sad a little--why does my child have to get big?!?


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Porter! Shocking that a year has gone by already. What a cutie.

Rene said...

HOW PERFECT!!! Fabulous first birthday!! If you got videos bring them when you come! WOW!!!
It's okay that they grow up! The bigger they get the more amazing they are!! Look at you!!!

Jess and Carl said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Porter! How are you so big! Becca I knew we had our little ones close, but I guess I didn't realize how close! Isn't it crazy how big they are!?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe Porter is one! Happy Birthday Buddy! How exciting! I know I so wish they could stay little babies forever!

loganandlisapratt.blogspot.com said...

I just love him!!! He is soo darn cute!

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