Friday, August 13, 2010

Destructo Boy

Here is our own Destructo Boy.  You also get the treat of hearing a bit of his nerd laugh.  It's a fake laugh and it usually goes on for a full minute, which is hilarious. Enjoy.

I'm sure you thought we were dead...

But we aren't--we just haven't blogged in a REALLY long time. Jordan's grandma asked if it was her computer that wasn't updating--I told her no, it was that we haven't updated. So here's the update. We lived in St. George for two months, then we came to Idaho at Jordan's ranch for a week but Jordan's grandpa died, so we stayed that week, and then stayed another week to visit, and we're thinking that we might (this is NOT set in stone) stay a month or so because of this and that. Anyway, we still don't have a job, but Jordan's brother, Garrett worked on his resume and we think it's going to help a lot. If not, we finally even have a back-up that we'll take advantage of. Port's talking a super lot (super lot to us...). He says apple, please, I'm sorry (kinda), up, down, happy, and says the animal sounds to a camel, whale, snake, gorilla, lion, and his FAVORITE is the cow. He screams MOOOOOO all the time.  I think it's really fun.  Here are some pictures of our gorgeous child, and his cousin, Wyatt.

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