Friday, January 28, 2011

Spa Party

While at home for Christmas, we had a Kesler Girls Winter Wonderland Spa Party.  I was in charge of food, decorations, & music, Rachel was in charge of facials, & Callie was in charge of mani-pedi's.  It was a blast! The above were our invitations. I tried to do the macaroons, but they were an absolute disaster, so I did other things instead.  I made sugar cookies, and had some leftover cream cheese from another dish, so I made cream cheese frosting.  That only covered a few of them, so I also used the leftover whipping cream I had from the lime mousse topped with blueberries to make whipped cream frosting which I piled high to make it even dreamier.  I made cream cheese rolls which consisted of cream cheese (that I put blue food coloring into) spread on tortillas with chives & olives sprinkled on it before I rolled it up & cut it like sushi.  I also made chicken salad sandwiches that I cut into snowflake shapes.  They were great.  I froze blueberries into ice that we put into our water (that we drank from goblets), but I should have done steamed milk instead because we were time.  I decorated with Martha Stewart's crepe paper pom poms that I didn't make into balls but left as halves that looked like lily-pads.  I also downloaded spa music on the computer and we played that during the whole thing.  We started out eating and then my sister gave us facials (divine), and we ended up running out of time, but we did our nails later that night at home on my parents' bed.  It was fun for it just to be all the girls together.  The bathtub shots are us washing & exfoliating our feet.  It was great!

pictures edited

p just woke up, so this will be short, but i keep seeing pictures that are not that well photographed, but the editing just makes it breathtaking.  cross process is my favorite, so i added it, and some vingette and i just love these!  sorry they're photos you've already seen...i can't bring myself to get up and get the camera...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Videos!

We went for our first doctor's appointment today, and our doctor couldn't find the heartbeat with just the regular sound one, so he did an ultrasound for us and we got to see the baby!  This isn't in order of recording, but mostly by clarity.  This first one we can see the baby's legs so clearly!  I loooooove it!  It was so fun to see!  We're still due July 13th, and get to find out the gender Feb 23rd (what a great post-birthday present!)!  Yay yay yay!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birthday Day

We had a great time on his birthday.  I think he really enjoyed everything we did that day.

This first picture is a NOT a birthday picture, but one I took a couple of days ago that I'm just in love with.  He lined up the cars himself, and I just like it so much.  I couldn't help but share it--all the rest are of his birthday.

We made mini green pancakes that we put candles on (we put candles on every meal...even the pasta)

We played with shaving cream (rubbing it on stuff like the balloons), and had fun throwing water on the balloons to make there be a sound.   

This is just a crazy picture I couldn't help but put in.

He requests his Buzz shirt (he has 2) everyday, so I made SURE it was clean for his birthday.  Yummy hungry boy! (elbow macaroni, corn, hamburger, spaghetti sauce & sometimes cheese)

After lunch he requested some captain crunch (the Walmart kind, of course...), so I told him "Ok.  Go sit down & I'll get it for you."  In which he sat right where he was on the floor.  He did the same thing in the airport when we got ice cream and I told him he had to sit down before we ate it.  He sat right in the middle of the airport.

Opening presents.  You can't see it, but there are tears on a couple of them already from when he saw them in our room a few days before and tried to open them.  He was very happy it was finally time to open them.

With all of his loot!

Blowing out the candles.  He did a great job.

Some friends came over to eat cupcakes & ice cream with us & brought him two cars that flip!  P was also very happy to have other people to play with besides Mom.

It was a great birthday!  Yay for 2!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2 Exciting Things

We have 2 exciting things going on.

#1: Today is Porter's 2nd birthday!  We are very excited to have a fun filled day that will start out with pancakes and candles!

#2: We are having another baby!  We're 13 weeks along (14 on Wednesday) and we are so excited!  We're due July 13th (2 days before Harry Potter 7 Part 2, so if you're counting down HP you can be counting down to our baby too!)!  We're REALLY excited and will find out the gender the first week in March.  Yay!
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