Friday, January 28, 2011

Spa Party

While at home for Christmas, we had a Kesler Girls Winter Wonderland Spa Party.  I was in charge of food, decorations, & music, Rachel was in charge of facials, & Callie was in charge of mani-pedi's.  It was a blast! The above were our invitations. I tried to do the macaroons, but they were an absolute disaster, so I did other things instead.  I made sugar cookies, and had some leftover cream cheese from another dish, so I made cream cheese frosting.  That only covered a few of them, so I also used the leftover whipping cream I had from the lime mousse topped with blueberries to make whipped cream frosting which I piled high to make it even dreamier.  I made cream cheese rolls which consisted of cream cheese (that I put blue food coloring into) spread on tortillas with chives & olives sprinkled on it before I rolled it up & cut it like sushi.  I also made chicken salad sandwiches that I cut into snowflake shapes.  They were great.  I froze blueberries into ice that we put into our water (that we drank from goblets), but I should have done steamed milk instead because we were time.  I decorated with Martha Stewart's crepe paper pom poms that I didn't make into balls but left as halves that looked like lily-pads.  I also downloaded spa music on the computer and we played that during the whole thing.  We started out eating and then my sister gave us facials (divine), and we ended up running out of time, but we did our nails later that night at home on my parents' bed.  It was fun for it just to be all the girls together.  The bathtub shots are us washing & exfoliating our feet.  It was great!

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Delly said...

Party on! What a blast.

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