Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day 1

For a long time I thought Valentine's Day was a silly holiday, but 3 years ago I caught the fever, and have really enjoyed it ever since.  3 years ago we had this breakfast with our friends (J wasn't even there, he was at a school competition in Reno).  2 years ago I think I was still traumatized by having P so I didn't post anything, and I'm sure we didn't do anything.  Maybe had crab or something.  Last year we were in California, and since we weren't in our own house, I know I didn't decorate anything, but I know we did something because I have a huge pop-up Valentine's Day card from J.  I also did this and this last year.  Needless to say, I did not do a Valentine's Day card swap this year.  BUT, I would like to have a Valentine's Day-a-Day each day until the Big Day itself!  Just a little something to give you ideas for what to do.

This is a blog I just discovered and absolutely cannot get enough of, and this heart cake tutorial is absolutely aDORable, so enjoy!

Heart Cake Tutorial

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Jennie said...

You're so fun! And if you make that cake can you please post it so I can be so impressed?

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