Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day IV: Printables

Today is a day for Valentine's Day Print Outs!  You can get them for free on a lot of different blogs and they all look AWESOME!

Here's one from eighteen25 by 3 sisters who live in vegas (their names are jennifer, jamie, & right?).  There are TONS of other Valentine's Day things on their blog so make sure to check it out!

Valentine Subway Art

Are you ready for it?
Have you completely cleared out any and all Christmas decorations from your home? Valentine's Day will be here before we know it. The pretty pinks and reds have already made their way into the stores.

So here is the Valentine Subway Art to fill that 16x20 frame you already have...
(well, two... you can pick which one you like best)

download the pinks + reds print HERE.

download the pinks, reds + browns print HERE

and don't forget... when ordering from Costco - under print options - check the "do not autocorrect my prints" box

Here's another great printout that was designed by my friend Lindsey who's a super talented photographer.  Her family blog's private now, so the way you can see these are here, but you can go look at all of her talent on her photography site.

I know it's crazy I already have a few Valentines day decorations up, but since I don't have the money to spend on them I made a few this last week so I thought I would share. I know I say this about every Holiday but I am sooo serious about VALENTINES it really is my favorite! 

She's so talented, right?!

Here's another great one!  It's from A Lemon Squeezy Home by Christie (I don't know how she does it, because she has 3 kids and everything she does is awesome).      It's a quote from Pride & Prejudice:


Each file is saved as an 8x10.   Send it to your favorite photo shop and for around $3.00 later, you have a nice, romantic quote to hang up and remind your husband to say things like that to you. 
Mine printed darker than I would have liked, but our Wal-mart is known to print dark (maybe they all do???).  I’ll try Costco next time.
To download the normal turquoise and red one, click here:Mr. Darcy Quote printable
For the gray one, click here:Mr. Darcy Quote grey
And for the faded gray one, click here:Mr. Darcy Quote faded one
For the green textured one, click here:Mr. Darcy green textured

The last one is from Ruffled.  Well, the blog I got it from is Ruffled, but the cards are designed by Two Brunettes.  They have some of the coolest stationary/cards--a lot of personalized stuff, and this is a free vintage Valentine's Day card printable!


I will be spending most of the day tying up loose ends for our launch of a new blog feature (which I can’t wait to share), but I wanted to share this beautiful printable that my friend Carolynn from Two Brunettes has designed. This vintage Valentine’s card comes with a matching envelope, ready to print and spread the love!
Free vintage valentine's day card and envelope template download printable
Free vintage valentine's day card and envelope template download printable

Enjoy decorating your home with Valentine's Day decorations!

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Tory Briggs said...

You are too sweet! Thanks so much for the shout out! I miss u like a TON! P.S> Your boy P man is seriously a heart breaker!ahhh soooo cute!

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