Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day 12 & 13: Food Food Food!

Here are some weekend food activities that are fun to do with your kids!  I'm putting on Saturday and Sunday because it's close enough to Valentine's Day that MAYBE not all the treats will be eaten by then...OR it could be a fun surprise for the spouse during his Sunday afternoon nap...

Yum Yum Yum for Valentine's Day Pizza!  With all the other things you'll have done for Valentine's Day, you might not want to do a huge fancy dinner, but this will certainly keep everyone in the spirit of the holiday!  I got it from BeDifferentActNormal (which I used on Day 2).  It's a great idea!  You can buy pizza dough mix just like you can buy muffin mix, and it tells the instructions on how to make the best pizza, too!  We've made them and they're SUPER yummy!
Be Different...Act Normal

or THIS from One Charming Party.   They use cookie cutters to make the pepperoni's into hearts.

Tomato Bisque is red/pink and would be a GREAT Valentine's Day meal, and it's pretty simple!  Go to All You! for the recipe.

You could also make heart shaped bread to go with your tomato bisque!  See how at Eat Yet, and see if the same thing happens to you!

Hope you get a full day of pink & red delicious food!

We made these this week (they did not make it a whole day before they were all eaten, so they did NOT make it to Valentine's Day), and they are AMAZING.  They're the best sugar cookies I've ever made because they don't spread out and they taste great!  They keep their shape PERFECTLY, and the thicker you let the dough be when you cut the cookies out they just raise UP instead of OUT and are just soooo yummy!  I got the recipe from Fancy Flours and you HAVE to try them.  I liked the marble look I got from not mixing all the food coloring in, so I left it at that!  

Heart Shaped Marshmallows from All You!
Heart-Shaped Marshmallows
I used orange extract instead of vanilla and really liked how they turned out!
They will be perfect when you put them in the extra muffin cups you didn't use when you made the decorations from Day 8!

This is from a rad blog I follow called B Comme Bon that's in French, but if you have Google Chrome it'll translate it for yummy! Just click here for the full recipe & directions!

Small cakes coconut-chocolate ... a holiday atmosphere ...


Both are cute!

Red Velvet Brownie Hearts: Get the tutorial & recipe on The Mother Huddle.  So YUMMY!!!
Can you hear the angels singing?  In fact, open this in a separate tab and listen to it while you're looking at this.  This is a flourless chocolate cake, with ice cream (she has 3 different divine recipes), & fruit on top wrapped in a sheet of chocolate.  It's from Tartelette, and I would drive to her house if she lived within 6 hours from me just to eat them...sadly she lives in SC which is too far away, but just BARELY too far...  If you want to make them, go to her site!  It's very well explained and anyone would LOVE some on Valentine's Day.Flourless Chocolate Cake...

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