Monday, February 28, 2011

Ideas to Keep Kids Busy on a Snowy Day: Part 2

This was also found on The Mother Huddle, but from Babyccino Kids.

Babyccino Kids is a site that will introduce you to women from around the globe in one sitting.  Here you will find clothing lines you’ve never heard of.  Recipes with ingredients you never thought to use, and even a children’s book shop filled with titles reviewed and loved by the blog contributor’s.  Best of all you find a wonderful conversation between ‘mums’ that will enlighten you and bring you back for more.  Possibly a couple of times a day.  Consider yourself warned.
I am delighted to have Esther from Babyccino Kids with us today.  Her list is a great example of how being a mother is fairly similar throughout the developed world.  At the end of the day we all want healthy, happy kids forming memories of their childhood that will be cherished forever.  Enjoy!

Esther from Babyccino Kids

Meet Esther.  She is Dutch, a wife, a mother of two, an architect, and an online publisher.  All of this while being pregnant with her third little wonder.  She has lived in four different countries.  She likes to cook, sew, and craft.   To top it all off, she seems to be pretty organized.  Intimidated?  Don’t be.  She’s as nice as they come.

Fifteen original activities to keep your kids entertained in- house on a rainy autumn or winter day, without turning on the computer or the television.

  • Prepare everything for a warm bath. Then go outside, paddle the puddles, get cold, get dirty, and get wet.  Go back inside, undress completely while filling the bath, and warm upin the bath. Dress in loungewear and have hot chocolate.
  • Bake cookies. Eat them. Again with hot chocolate! In fact, activity 1 and 2 may very well be combined.
  • Make play dough.  Not only playing with the dough is fun, but preparing it too!
  • Think about old-fashioned family entertainment and bring out the board games. From agesfour and up most kids will love it, and nothing is better for bonding and teaching your kids a thing or two about competing and being good sport (winning or losing).
  • Organize a fashion show with hats, pumps, dresses, gloves, scarf and glasses. Photographor film the results and have a good laugh.
  • Take out the building blocks or Legos and build an unconventional house.  Have your children use their imagination!
  • Make pizzas! Ready-made pizza crusts are easily available and always handy to have around.  Toppings can include loads of veggies, pineapple, sausage and cheese.  Fun — and an easy dinner on top of it.
  • Paint a bus with people inside.  A great art project for all ages!
  • Re-organize your living room completely with the help of the kids. It’s fun, exciting and you can always go back. (Although you may very well decide to leave it this way!)
  • Choose an animal and make it the theme of the day. Read about it, play it, make a mask of it, dress up like it, make up a story about it, eat like it, bath like it, maybe even sleep like it.
  • Hold an indoor picnic with loads of finger food. How cozy! Kids love picnics – inside or out.
  • Try potato stamping – these penguins are so cute! And most probably you will have the materials handy. Or why not create your own Christmas cards?
  • Build an obstacle course.  Use cushions, blankets, coffee tables, chairs etc. Who didn’t love this as a kid?
  • Make a book.  You can use old magazines, drawings, newspapers, etc.  Make up a story or describe a special (family) happening.  This could end up in a keepsake special.
  • Reuse your rubbish for an environmental friendly craft project.
Happy rainy day!!
xxx Esther

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