Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day & Valentine's Day II

Today is Groundhog day, so we can't forget to do something fun about that!  Not only that, but Phil predicts SPRING (and he's correct 39% of the time according to the Washington Post), so that's an even greater reason to celebrate this eccentric holiday!

I found this great blog just recently from a friend, and Meredith is just so creative!  Enjoy your Groundhog Day Cupcakes!

DIY: Groundhog Day Cupcakes
"What holiday is next?" is a question I get asked quite a lot.  Brady's at the age where he's starting to understand holidays and the anticipation surrounding them.  And, of course, he's ready to party all the time.  So when he posed this question after New Year's I had to pause and think for a second...yep, Groundhog Day is next.  
Now, Groundhog Day doesn't carry very many traditions with it, beyond looking for good ole' Phil on the news.  But I thought that this year maybe we could do something a little more.  We've been reading The Big Snow at our house and on the last page the groundhog pokes his head out of the ground and sees his shadow.  Which gave me the idea to make Groundhog Day Cupcakes.
I designed the cupcake toppers and made them into a PDF for you to download and assemble.  Just print the groundhogs, cut them out and sandwich them together with a little glue and a toothpick in the middle.  And remember to save one of your groundhog paper trimmings.  You're going to need it if he sees his shadow this February 2nd...
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For Valentine's Day we have a GREAT, inexpensive idea for little tokens of appreciation:
I saw it in my wonderful Country Living magazine that J's grandma subscribed for me as a gift (it's been a wonderful dream, and I've only gotten 1 issue...), but found it at this great blog.  Everything Lori posts about I'm like "What a great idea!"  We don't have a printer, but you might be getting a little more handmade of these from me if you're lucky!

Be Different...Act Normal

Paint Chip Valentine

I don't want to advocate wiping out all of the red and pink paint chips from your local, but if you have a Valentine that has a thing for redecorating you might want to grab one the next time you are there so that you can create one of these cute paint chip valentines I saw over at Country Living:

I just looooooove Country Living (proven here and here), and there will CERTAINLY be more CL posts during this Valentine's Day Series.

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