Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big City Fun

We had to go buy some groceries (we ran out of sour cream and J announced we didn't have any food in the house), so to Pocatello it is!  It's 1 1/2 hours away, but the best part is seeing our friends the Larsens!  They did a post on it on their blog, but it's private, so I'm just going to cut & paste it so you can see all the fun we had!  It was great to see them!

A Little "Bodily" Fun

Isn't that one of the most eye catching titles you've ever read? I couldn't resist. Our super good friends Becca, Jordan and their sweet heart of a little boy Porter came to Poky last night to visit. The Bodily's are DA BOMB...we go way back and have an arranged marriage set up between our children (at least I do). We ate some grub at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries (it was okay but I like In-N-Out better)and than of course had to wander around COSTCO, eat some samples which were delicous because they were all about the Superbowl but we mostly chatted and wandered which was WONDERFULLY fun. The Bodily's live in what they affectionately call the "Wild Wild West" and take my word for is wild. SO when they get to come visit us in the "big city" (haha) it's a special treat!

The future Mr. and Mrs. Porter Bodily -- aren't they both gorgeous?!

Riding around on an extremely cool 2-in-1 trike's hard to explain but way neat!

Tuckered Out

Thanks for the fun! Come again soon!!!

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Kris and Katie said...

YAY!!! Come again soon or maybe we'll just have to venture out to the WWW!!!

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