Monday, March 24, 2008


There are no words except for, obsessed.

St. Patrick's Day

This entry is especially for B. Three years ago, while living in Abbey Lane, B decided to be a doll and make all of us St. Patrick's Day gift bags. She doesn't, for some reason, remember them at all, so here is the card and envelope that was stapled on the top of the bag (which I kept in my journal).
Love you B!


Last weekend we went to some people's house that J knows from school and we all brought a mexican dish. It was really fun and really good food, but the best part was playing Boys vs. Girls Scene It. We love that game, but the girls lost horribly. I don't even know how it happened. Just to show how poorly we did, I took a picture of the board after we lost. The circle in the center of all the rings is where the boys are...that means they won. We are the other circle...9 spaces from the beginning. We lost twice with that same kind of distance between the boys and girls. It was horrible.

Activities Committee

J and I are on the Activities Committee.
Last week, we had a service auction and a dinner. I was in charge of the organization of the auction part and J was the auctioneer. I sat at a table by the front door with my computer and had people write their names on a piece of paper with their service. Each person got a number, so that when they won something I put their number with the prize. It was super fun. Each couple got a certain amount of play money (which had a picture of the Taylor on the $5 bills, the stake center on the $10 bills, and the temple on the $20 bills) for being on time, and less for being late. We also had an Easter egg hunt in which there was money and candy in the eggs. That was super fun. The eggs were hidden everywhere, and it was hard for some people to find all of them. We won a free session of someone taking family photos, so probably right at the end of the semester (we have to do it by the end of the semester), we'll go somewhere and have them take our pictures. That'll be nice to have new pictures of us in my new apartment in Pocatello.
Anyway, here are pictures of J doing a great job at being an auctioneer. Everyone burst out laughing when he started out talking really fast, just like a real auctioneer, and he made people laugh a lot during the whole thing when no one would bid on certain things.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So, it's been kind of a struggle waiting to see what kind of project I'm working on at ISU and to see how much I'm making. So I finally, after waiting a month, called them myself instead of e-mailing or just waiting on them and I got all the information I needed!
The title of the research I'm going to be doing is "To Measure the Angular Distribution of Fission Fragments under Photo Fission with Linearly Polarized Photons." Awesome huh!?!?
I have an apartment on hold, but I've found others for cheaper so I'm trying to figure out where I'll be.
They told me I'd be making 11/hr because it was based on standing in school (so Juniors get paid 11/hr), but I had had another offer for 15/hr in Provo, so I told them about that and asked if they could raise the pay. I guess it's regulated by the school and not by the size of the grant they get to do my research, so they said they'd just pay me the maximum they could pay any undergraduate which is 12/hr. That's ok...I want to be making more than J for pride reasons and he's making 15, but oh well. It's still a good amount of money, and I won't be paying more than $385/month for rent, so it'll still be a good amount of money.
They gave me this list of books I have to read a few chapters out of, and they are the craziest books I've ever seen. They are: Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments, Radiation Detection and Measurement, and Introduction to Nuclear Physics. We'll see how much I understand of that.
Something that I'm really excited about is that my supervisor (Dr. Dan) said that the format of what I'd be doing is that he'd give me a portion of the experiment I had to figure out how to build, or figure out the math for, etc., and then I'd come back after a week or so and tell him how to do it. That's going to be nice.
Yay for an internship!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Theory

K and I were talking about how there seems to be a barrier between people, and how you find out information about people; where they're from, what their job is, etc. Even if they tell you their hopes and dreams, you don't actually feel close to them. There's a barrier that just doesn't seem to be crossed over. What is that barrier?
This is my theory: touching. I don't know what it is about touching. Maybe that's why it's easier to get close to girls who are your roommates than it is to the girls you don't live with. There is a girl in my department who I talk to all the time. We spend most of the day together. We'll be in 5/6 classes in the fall together, and we'll be the first graduating class at BYUI to have two girl physicists graduate in the same semester. We have similar types of humor and definitely have the same tastes in recreational activities, and generally have the same opinion about people. However, we never touch. Ever.
There's another girl who's husband in my department. We are similar in a lot of other ways. We have the same body, surprisingly enough, we also have the same size feet, both of our deepest dreams is to be a pilot, we have similar personalities, etc. And we are super close because she's super touchy! Love it!
Anyway, so that's my theory about friends.


This was what Rexburg looked like on Wednesday afternoon:

This is what Rexburg looks like now:

I just want it to be warm outside!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

This is such a beautiful movie. I'm also obsessed with the clothes that Natalie Portman wears in it. Love it.

Copying Kim

So, Kim had a thing where she had people vote about whether we used to say "That's the bomb" or, "That's bomb," or if we just made fun of the people that said that. I'm copying her in that yesterday at enrichment, I forgot to get utensils, so I went back up and reached in front of someone to grab a fork. While I was doing that, I turned to her and said "Sorry, I'm not budging in front of you, I just need a fork." In which like, 30 people were like "Budging, I've never heard that word before." And then went on to talk about how they had heard of "cutting" in line, but never budging.
So, what do you say?

J's Birthday

J's birthday went really well. It went differently than I thought it would be, but it was still a very successful birthday.
I didn't have time to finish all of his shopping on Saturday, so I got all of my homework done early Monday morning, and spent all of Saturday afternoon getting the house ready. I went to Walmart and got wrapping paper so that he could actually unwrap them. They looked like this: I also got reeses peanut butter cup ice cream and samoa ice cream and made him an ice cream cake. It was really good.
He got home from work, and was trying to decide where he wanted to go for dinner. We were planning on going to Outback in IF, but I was trying to convince him to drive a half an hour more and go to Red Lobster because it's his FAVORITE, but in the end, he was just like "I don't want to drive anywhere---what should we do?" Now, I had been planning on just making him a dinner anyway before he decided he wanted to go out, so instead we went to Broulims and got 3 lbs of crab, some potatos to make mashed potatos, and Martinelli's. It was a great dinner.
He got some really good presents. One in particular is from my family. They took some scriptures about Captain Moroni (who was 25), and changed it about him. The words are:

1 Now the leader of the next generation of Bodilys, or the man who had accepted to be patriarch over the young Bodilys - his name was J; and he was twenty and five years old.

2 And it came to pass that he met the Keslerites in the tops of the mountains, and they were armed with footballs, with frisbys, and with blocks of ice, and with all manner of fouls of the air and with wild potato salads. Yea, he was a man who did not delight in bloodshed, but he was a mighty hunter of wild beasts for the purpose of providing sustenance for his family.

3 Yea, J was a man whose heart did swell with thanksgiving to his God, for the many privileges and blessings which He did bestow upon his family; yea he was a man who did labor exceedingly to preserve the sanctity of hearth and home.

4 And J was a strong man who was firm in the faith of Christ, and did serve his God with all his heart, might, mind and strength; yea verily he did testify in the year two and in the year three and in the year four of the new century, in the south part of the land northward among the Louisianites; and he does continue to labor to exhort his own family to lift their eyes toward that God that gave them life. Yea, Jordan did covenant that he would do so even until the end of his days.

5 Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were and ever would be, like unto J B, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.

6 Behold, his wife was like unto himself, for they were a man and a woman of God.

It was really cool, and he really liked it.
Also, thank you to everyone who called him, because he was so thankful to everyone who called him. It really made him feel loved.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Alright, so it wasn't that big of a deal that I was going to present at the research conference. I wasn't that excited about it because there were so many other things that needed to get done during the week so I didn't have time to think about it until Friday night (the presentation was on Saturday). I also wasn't really excited about it because I'm not really used to not having a fan club cheering for me. I had a big family at home, and then I had the best girlfriends of all time. Both of those groups have left me/I left them and so I am left with J. I am eternally grateful for J, but he doesn't yell as loud as my mom does, and there's nothing I can do to change that. Therefore, not having a fan club was not increasing my desire to present to a bunch person. However, when I got to the conference Saturday morning, all the same feelings of excitement when going to the fluid dynamics research conference in Salt Lake last November came rushing back. Fresh research has an excitement to it that I just can't describe. Anyway, the excitement of the conference that morning got me nervous about my presentation and how it would go.
All in all, the presentation itself was successful in that I got the information out and people laughed during it. I found out that I'm not that bad at presenting, but also that I have to have my hair up when I present next time because I touch my hair the whole time if it's down. J said the hair touching when I put my bangs behind my ear was ok, but the twirling of my hair violently around my finger was out of control.
When I learned that we would be being judged---not really a big deal. They can judge me all they want, but in the back of my mind I kind of thought that I could, by just thinking it, take me out of the competition on the only reason that I didn't care whether I got a good score or not. However, that didn't happen. They judged me anyway. J and I even almost didn't go to the awards ceremony---that's the worst, when you go and don't get anything because it's like "Yeah, you thought you were awesome, but you aren't so we aren't going to give you anything---good job loser." But, the presenter started out with "Honorable mention goes to_______" so I was excited that no matter what, everyone gets something! However, when they ran out of honorable mentions and got to the actual awards, I had to calm myself down because they forgot me, but hey, I didn't even want to come to the awards ceremony in the first place---what do I care if I don't get anything? THEN, in the background of my mind, I heard the presenter say "And for first place, R B." Hey, that's MY name! So, after I was presented with a BYUI embossed leather padfolio., J and I practically bolted out of there because I was way too embarrassed.
Anyway, there's also a big, non-BYUI, real life research conference in Boise in three weeks that I'm presenting the same presentation to which is going to be AWESOME.
Both of the presentations make me published which looks awesome on the resume. Yay!
Something also that's AWESOME is that my awesome girlfriends sent me FLOWERS with a card!!!

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

They Aren't Going Away

These are my wrinkles. They haven't been there for very long, but it seems like they aren't going away. Rachel (my sister) even got me some eye cream for my birthday, but to no avail they're still present. My feelings about the subject are grrr and sigh.
I am not obsessed with them.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy March!

Great things about March:
Dr. Seuss's Birthday
The Star-Spangled Banner's Birthday
International Women's Day
Discovery of Uranus!
J's Birthday!
Albert Einstein's Birthday!
Pi Day!
St. Patrick's Day/Grandpa Mayfield's Birthday! (when you get to the Grandpa Mayfield link, click CTRL F and type in Craig Mayfield---you'll find a quote by him!)
First Day of Spring!


J and I are adventurous---It's true. We went backpacking, in the forest, in the winter, in the snow. It was absolutely nuts, but somehow, super fun. I don't know what J had in mind when he was younger, but he says he dreamed of doing this with his wife but never thought it would happen. I dreamed of doing it with my husband because I grew up being surrounded by this. So, being out actually backpacking with my husband was a dream come true!
Somehow, deep in the back of her genius mind, Grandma knew this dream of my heart, so she gave me a snow suit that would suit only me.
For FHE on Monday, we made a list of things that still needed to be bought. Mostly things like food (we got astronaut lasagna) and some flashlights were the things we needed, and after we had gotten our food, we knew there was no turning back! Oh yeah, and while we were buying stuff on Monday, J said we should buy a hatchet. I made fun of him for just buying crap because he thought it was cool. I'm an idiot. A hatchet would have been one of the greatest ideas of all time, because keeping the fire going would have been much easier. Next time... We had planned on getting snowshoes because we thought it would be a super hard walk into where we wanted to camp, but to our dismay they were all rented out of them when we went to get them. We would have cancelled right then, but the weather was just too perfect! It was sunny, and 41 degrees! We couldn't stop now, our bags were packed, and our gear was on! So we plugged on ahead and went anyway!
I was not optimistic. I thought I would be cold, tired, hungry, and therefore: cranky. However, to my happy surprise, even the walk out to our camp site was fun! When we got there, we stomped out a place to put our tent, and a place to put the fire. After only a little while, our tent was up, and our fire was roaring! We set up our stove and had lasagna and hot chocolate! The perfect dinner, even when we aren't camping! It was very satisfactory.
The sun set at 6:30 which is when it began to get cold, so we bundled up. We stayed up until 8 and then decided it was time to hit the sack. We were both pretty tired, so we fell asleep quickly, but I soon found that I can not sleep when I'm cold, which started at 11. It wasn't a horrible night, but next time I'm wearing 30 pair of thermals and 46 pairs of wool socks.
In the morning, we had peaches and cream oatmeal with more hot chocolate (yay!), and packed up camp! It started to snow as we were hiking out, and started to get pretty wet as we got closer to the truck. Talk about good timing!
All in all, we had a great time! Next time we're going to make sure to bring a book to read to each other before we fall asleep, a little more clothes, and some cheese dogs.
Yay for adventure!
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