Monday, March 24, 2008

Activities Committee

J and I are on the Activities Committee.
Last week, we had a service auction and a dinner. I was in charge of the organization of the auction part and J was the auctioneer. I sat at a table by the front door with my computer and had people write their names on a piece of paper with their service. Each person got a number, so that when they won something I put their number with the prize. It was super fun. Each couple got a certain amount of play money (which had a picture of the Taylor on the $5 bills, the stake center on the $10 bills, and the temple on the $20 bills) for being on time, and less for being late. We also had an Easter egg hunt in which there was money and candy in the eggs. That was super fun. The eggs were hidden everywhere, and it was hard for some people to find all of them. We won a free session of someone taking family photos, so probably right at the end of the semester (we have to do it by the end of the semester), we'll go somewhere and have them take our pictures. That'll be nice to have new pictures of us in my new apartment in Pocatello.
Anyway, here are pictures of J doing a great job at being an auctioneer. Everyone burst out laughing when he started out talking really fast, just like a real auctioneer, and he made people laugh a lot during the whole thing when no one would bid on certain things.

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Sam k said...

Oh my heck, this looks like WAY too much fun!! How fun to sit there by the door and type in names, etc!! I would love to have been there!! Good for you for doing such great things for your activities! Jordan would be AMAZING at being a auctioneer!! Oh my heck! I so want to have been there!!

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