Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Alright, so it wasn't that big of a deal that I was going to present at the research conference. I wasn't that excited about it because there were so many other things that needed to get done during the week so I didn't have time to think about it until Friday night (the presentation was on Saturday). I also wasn't really excited about it because I'm not really used to not having a fan club cheering for me. I had a big family at home, and then I had the best girlfriends of all time. Both of those groups have left me/I left them and so I am left with J. I am eternally grateful for J, but he doesn't yell as loud as my mom does, and there's nothing I can do to change that. Therefore, not having a fan club was not increasing my desire to present to a bunch of...one person. However, when I got to the conference Saturday morning, all the same feelings of excitement when going to the fluid dynamics research conference in Salt Lake last November came rushing back. Fresh research has an excitement to it that I just can't describe. Anyway, the excitement of the conference that morning got me nervous about my presentation and how it would go.
All in all, the presentation itself was successful in that I got the information out and people laughed during it. I found out that I'm not that bad at presenting, but also that I have to have my hair up when I present next time because I touch my hair the whole time if it's down. J said the hair touching when I put my bangs behind my ear was ok, but the twirling of my hair violently around my finger was out of control.
When I learned that we would be being judged---not really a big deal. They can judge me all they want, but in the back of my mind I kind of thought that I could, by just thinking it, take me out of the competition on the only reason that I didn't care whether I got a good score or not. However, that didn't happen. They judged me anyway. J and I even almost didn't go to the awards ceremony---that's the worst, when you go and don't get anything because it's like "Yeah, you thought you were awesome, but you aren't so we aren't going to give you anything---good job loser." But, the presenter started out with "Honorable mention goes to_______" so I was excited that no matter what, everyone gets something! However, when they ran out of honorable mentions and got to the actual awards, I had to calm myself down because they forgot me, but hey, I didn't even want to come to the awards ceremony in the first place---what do I care if I don't get anything? THEN, in the background of my mind, I heard the presenter say "And for first place, R B." Hey, that's MY name! So, after I was presented with a BYUI embossed leather padfolio., J and I practically bolted out of there because I was way too embarrassed.
Anyway, there's also a big, non-BYUI, real life research conference in Boise in three weeks that I'm presenting the same presentation to which is going to be AWESOME.
Both of the presentations make me published which looks awesome on the resume. Yay!
Something also that's AWESOME is that my awesome girlfriends sent me FLOWERS with a card!!!

Thanks so much!


Brittany said...

Is that a butterfly on the arrangement? and so I say...Sweet, sweet broulim's (as I grit my teeth a little) loves.

Brittany said...

By the by, I love my book and will hopefully get around to devouring it this weekend. I'm glad you posted pictures and am really jealous at your pimped out blog. What the survey? Will you pimp my blog?


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