Friday, March 14, 2008

My Theory

K and I were talking about how there seems to be a barrier between people, and how you find out information about people; where they're from, what their job is, etc. Even if they tell you their hopes and dreams, you don't actually feel close to them. There's a barrier that just doesn't seem to be crossed over. What is that barrier?
This is my theory: touching. I don't know what it is about touching. Maybe that's why it's easier to get close to girls who are your roommates than it is to the girls you don't live with. There is a girl in my department who I talk to all the time. We spend most of the day together. We'll be in 5/6 classes in the fall together, and we'll be the first graduating class at BYUI to have two girl physicists graduate in the same semester. We have similar types of humor and definitely have the same tastes in recreational activities, and generally have the same opinion about people. However, we never touch. Ever.
There's another girl who's husband in my department. We are similar in a lot of other ways. We have the same body, surprisingly enough, we also have the same size feet, both of our deepest dreams is to be a pilot, we have similar personalities, etc. And we are super close because she's super touchy! Love it!
Anyway, so that's my theory about friends.


Sam k said...

I completely agree!!!! Touching is very important. Maybe because I'm touchy and it feels good to me!

Kim said...

I didn't realize how important touching was until after we moved away from everyone we knew and someone other than Garrett (a lady in our ward) gave me a hug . I couldn't believe how good it felt, or even how much I had missed that human contact from a friend until someone broke that barrier with me!

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