Thursday, March 20, 2008


So, it's been kind of a struggle waiting to see what kind of project I'm working on at ISU and to see how much I'm making. So I finally, after waiting a month, called them myself instead of e-mailing or just waiting on them and I got all the information I needed!
The title of the research I'm going to be doing is "To Measure the Angular Distribution of Fission Fragments under Photo Fission with Linearly Polarized Photons." Awesome huh!?!?
I have an apartment on hold, but I've found others for cheaper so I'm trying to figure out where I'll be.
They told me I'd be making 11/hr because it was based on standing in school (so Juniors get paid 11/hr), but I had had another offer for 15/hr in Provo, so I told them about that and asked if they could raise the pay. I guess it's regulated by the school and not by the size of the grant they get to do my research, so they said they'd just pay me the maximum they could pay any undergraduate which is 12/hr. That's ok...I want to be making more than J for pride reasons and he's making 15, but oh well. It's still a good amount of money, and I won't be paying more than $385/month for rent, so it'll still be a good amount of money.
They gave me this list of books I have to read a few chapters out of, and they are the craziest books I've ever seen. They are: Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments, Radiation Detection and Measurement, and Introduction to Nuclear Physics. We'll see how much I understand of that.
Something that I'm really excited about is that my supervisor (Dr. Dan) said that the format of what I'd be doing is that he'd give me a portion of the experiment I had to figure out how to build, or figure out the math for, etc., and then I'd come back after a week or so and tell him how to do it. That's going to be nice.
Yay for an internship!

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Sam k said...

I don't know why I didn't see this before! I am completely excited for you about all this! You are amazing, you are brilliant and you will be a wonderful asset to this school! And besides all that they'll like being around you!
Way too proud for words! ~ Mom

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