Saturday, March 1, 2008


J and I are adventurous---It's true. We went backpacking, in the forest, in the winter, in the snow. It was absolutely nuts, but somehow, super fun. I don't know what J had in mind when he was younger, but he says he dreamed of doing this with his wife but never thought it would happen. I dreamed of doing it with my husband because I grew up being surrounded by this. So, being out actually backpacking with my husband was a dream come true!
Somehow, deep in the back of her genius mind, Grandma knew this dream of my heart, so she gave me a snow suit that would suit only me.
For FHE on Monday, we made a list of things that still needed to be bought. Mostly things like food (we got astronaut lasagna) and some flashlights were the things we needed, and after we had gotten our food, we knew there was no turning back! Oh yeah, and while we were buying stuff on Monday, J said we should buy a hatchet. I made fun of him for just buying crap because he thought it was cool. I'm an idiot. A hatchet would have been one of the greatest ideas of all time, because keeping the fire going would have been much easier. Next time... We had planned on getting snowshoes because we thought it would be a super hard walk into where we wanted to camp, but to our dismay they were all rented out of them when we went to get them. We would have cancelled right then, but the weather was just too perfect! It was sunny, and 41 degrees! We couldn't stop now, our bags were packed, and our gear was on! So we plugged on ahead and went anyway!
I was not optimistic. I thought I would be cold, tired, hungry, and therefore: cranky. However, to my happy surprise, even the walk out to our camp site was fun! When we got there, we stomped out a place to put our tent, and a place to put the fire. After only a little while, our tent was up, and our fire was roaring! We set up our stove and had lasagna and hot chocolate! The perfect dinner, even when we aren't camping! It was very satisfactory.
The sun set at 6:30 which is when it began to get cold, so we bundled up. We stayed up until 8 and then decided it was time to hit the sack. We were both pretty tired, so we fell asleep quickly, but I soon found that I can not sleep when I'm cold, which started at 11. It wasn't a horrible night, but next time I'm wearing 30 pair of thermals and 46 pairs of wool socks.
In the morning, we had peaches and cream oatmeal with more hot chocolate (yay!), and packed up camp! It started to snow as we were hiking out, and started to get pretty wet as we got closer to the truck. Talk about good timing!
All in all, we had a great time! Next time we're going to make sure to bring a book to read to each other before we fall asleep, a little more clothes, and some cheese dogs.
Yay for adventure!


Sam k said...

Wow!!! Yay for you for going camping in the dead of winter and loving it!! Imagine if either of you had married someone else and they had made you be sane (sp?) and spend Friday evenings in the winter doing warm things rather than being cold!!!!! I do think your way is the best. A bit of insanity keeps life interesting!
~ Mom

lately said...

umm, have i told you lately that i am obsessed with YOU!?

cause i am.


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