Thursday, February 11, 2010

OH MAN---Horrible Valentine's Day Card Mistake

I have made a mistake with the Valentine's Day card swap...I thought we were swapping cards so we would have unique and creative cards to give out to other people. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE! I got one a couple days ago and just COULDN'T help myself (From Erin, and I'll put pictures up after I open the rest...). I found that instead of a blank card, I received a wonderful card that said Happy Valentine's Day on the inside! "Maybe it's just a mistake on their part...oh blast, what if it's a mistake on my part?" I thought with a little bit of worry. I received a card today, and while I didn't open it, it absolutely does not feel like a card with a separate envelope inside.


So, to the 5 girls who I sent blank cards with a separate note saying Happy Valentine's Day to, I'm sorry that I made that mistake.


angelina la dawn said...

no worries! i'm sure everyone will love sending out your handmade card to another. you are completely forgiven {if that makes you feel better:) }

Erin said...

At least you've received a few. So far, I've got NONE! I've got my fingers crossed for a full mailbox this afternoon...

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