Monday, February 22, 2010

Update II--St. George & Etsy Progress

We went to St. George the beginning of February to visit Jordan's grandparents and to see our FANTASTIC friends who live there (this is their great blog). There's a dinosaur museum (not super big but AWESOME just the same), and we went and spent a lot of time there. They found all these dinosaur imprints in the rock and that's what the museum is all about! We went to a great little restaurant that had fun cupcakes.

We did spend a good amount of time with Jordan's family. Here's a picture with his grandparents with Porter in his new church clothes that my family bought for him while we were in NY. I don't know how, but while we were at church, a woman said about Porter "Look at her, she looks just like her mother!" Jordan and I looked at each other and we were like THERE IS NO WAY HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL RIGHT NOW...HE IS IN A FULL ON FOUR PIECE OUTFIT. Whatever. He's a boy.

It was a great trip and we're really glad we went!

Etsy progress, I made a couple clutches. I don't have pictures up just yet but they'll be up soon. They're inspired by Crown and Crumpet Tea Room colors. Love it! There'll be a pattern of it available through Threaded Pear Patterns.


Rene said...

SOMEONE THOUGHT PORTER WAS A GIRL??!!! They must have been old and blind! Ha! What a fun time!!

Anonymous said...

he looks so cute in that suit!! i can't believe that lady said that about him at church. she must be half blind or something. a similar thing has happened with jensen too. and im like...hmmm, 1. he's bald, 2. he's wearing pants and a could he look like a girl. anyway, porter is SO CUTE in that suit!!!!!!

Rene said...

You've gotta love Buster's pink shirt!! Snazzy!

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