Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My genius friend Lindsey has a photo blog (she's such a good photographer and I've already had a post of her pictures of Porter), so you should go see it!

If you live in Rexburg, call her for your pictures because her style is perfection and she has an eye for good pictures.

Her photo blog is Go check it out!

I've also starting working for Jordan's cousin who owns a quiltshop called Cranberry Quiltworks, a pattern company called Threaded Pear Patterns, and a fabric shop (connected to her quiltshop) called Fresh Picked Fabrics (she has a website called QuiltersBuzz that she updates semi-often but she writes it like she's writing a magazine--it's pretty interesting). I am her tech department and along with that responsibility comes a blog (I'm also in charge of their e-mail updates which I really enjoy...)! So, if you want to look at that blog you can go to and see what's up. You really don't have to because most of you (hello, friends) aren't quilters, so it probably won't be super interesting to you. But if you want, go right ahead!


Rene' said...

How fun is this! You're so great! Good job enlarging your talents and putting them to great use!

Delly said...

Becca, where you guys at now? It sounds like you are having a party! Porter is so cute and so big, oh my goodness. Did you know we are expecting another boy in May? Crazy stuff, I know.

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