Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update...The Beginning--Theresa's Renovation & New York!

Update: Rach sent me a really pretty picture of her, so I inserted it where it was before. Enjoy!

Part I: Jordan's aunt, Theresa, wanted us to do some things to her house while she was on vacation. This included tiling a back-splash in her kitchen! She liked the mosaic, glass tile which Jordan and I had never done, and while it ended up looking definitely could have been better. The space in between the mesh gives a lot of room for give. Here are some pictures...not great but you can see them! We hadn't put the grout on it yet, but you get the picture.

Part II: We went to New York! My brother Dan turned 12 the end of January so we went for his ordination to a deacon. It was great to be there for both that and for his birthday! These are not pictures of my brother's birthday, but he is the one on the right (Sam's on the left and Porter's in the middle eating a waffle). My sister Callie's baby also had her baby, Brooklyn, blessed so we went for that too. Even though the whole family was there (including Rachel who came from Provo), it doesn't seem like I took very many pictures! Here are pictures from when we went to a great Italian place to celebrate Will getting into BYU-Idaho (he got into BYU a few days ago and can't decide which one to go to!) Here's a picture of Rachel: Here're my parents
We went to Boston to take Dan to do baptisms in the temple for the first time. It was a blast (even though it was really cold)! We went to the Wharf to look at the ocean. We also went to Harvard--it was speectacular. You could practically feel all the intellectual-ness oozing from everyone walking on the streets. We just walked around Harvard Square and enjoyed being there.

It seems like we did 16,000 things while we were there but I just can't remember what they were! What we did do is went to Will's play practice where he's playing Cornelius in Hello Dolly! He's super talented, and the whole cast seems exceptionally cast. He is a giant person, and at times like this reminds me of Mr. Hyde. Yes or no? . Most of the time he looks very much more normal.

I can't remember what else to write about about our trip, but it was great, Porter did a great job on the plane both ways and it was a good trip all the way around.


Rene said...

It was so fun having everyone here! I didn't take many pictures, either. Of Rachel I think there is only yours and one other of her holding Porter. It was a great time and I miss you all already!

Rachel Waime Marie said...

well sense there weren't any good pictures taken of me on that trip heres one!!


Kim said...

How fun to be with family! Porter looks so grown up sitting at the table with the big boys!

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