Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birthday Day

We had a great time on his birthday.  I think he really enjoyed everything we did that day.

This first picture is a NOT a birthday picture, but one I took a couple of days ago that I'm just in love with.  He lined up the cars himself, and I just like it so much.  I couldn't help but share it--all the rest are of his birthday.

We made mini green pancakes that we put candles on (we put candles on every meal...even the pasta)

We played with shaving cream (rubbing it on stuff like the balloons), and had fun throwing water on the balloons to make there be a sound.   

This is just a crazy picture I couldn't help but put in.

He requests his Buzz shirt (he has 2) everyday, so I made SURE it was clean for his birthday.  Yummy hungry boy! (elbow macaroni, corn, hamburger, spaghetti sauce & sometimes cheese)

After lunch he requested some captain crunch (the Walmart kind, of course...), so I told him "Ok.  Go sit down & I'll get it for you."  In which he sat right where he was on the floor.  He did the same thing in the airport when we got ice cream and I told him he had to sit down before we ate it.  He sat right in the middle of the airport.

Opening presents.  You can't see it, but there are tears on a couple of them already from when he saw them in our room a few days before and tried to open them.  He was very happy it was finally time to open them.

With all of his loot!

Blowing out the candles.  He did a great job.

Some friends came over to eat cupcakes & ice cream with us & brought him two cars that flip!  P was also very happy to have other people to play with besides Mom.

It was a great birthday!  Yay for 2!


The-Sauser-Family said...

I can't believe how big he is!!! He is very lucky to have you guys as parents, what a fun day you gave him. Miss you guys!

Fan of The Arts said...

He looks so old! Even from a week ago! What a great kid! Love you!

Madelyn said...

Hey there Becca! I'm having another girl. February 21st is my due date. I'm getting real excited and so ready to have this baby! Come visit Cali soon.

Jennie said...

What a fun Mom and Dad! That all looks like a total blast! Love the superman ensemble....fantastic! Happy Belated Birthday Porter! Come move next door to us : )

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