Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I realize all of the latest posts have been about the baby, and I'll have the next one be about all the stuff we're doing with our summer, but here are a couple good ones.
This is after we washed the truck. Porter slept through the whole thing, until it was time to dry the truck off, and he decided that he felt like this: He really likes splashing in the bathtub, so I hold him with my feet around his body so his feet and arms are free to go CRAZY! He loves it and is just sooo cute doing it!
This was his first experience sitting in the kid seat in the cart instead of sitting in his carseat, and he thought it was pretty fun!
He thought it was fun until he got tired, and then this was the setup I had while I finished my shopping at Walmart.


Rachel Waime Marie said...

Rebecca. He is just too cute! I love it that you update on him so much! I do wish that I knew what was going on with you too....but that's okay.

Love you tons!

Rene said...

Oh my heck, he's cute! I'm so glad he's ours! It'd be bad if I loved someone else's baby!!! I really like the bathtub one! I love that smile!! And the one of him laying in the cart. Completely at peace...!

Jennie said...

We love baby pictures!!! Don't stop 'em! He looks sooo much like Jordan now! Love the bathroom shot!

Tab & Nate said...

So stinkin cute!!!!!! I want to squish his cheeks!

The ZamFam said...

He is adorable! I cant wait to get my hands on him!! Of course you can stay with us, you know all you ever have to do is just let us know! We have a playpen and a cradle, so whatever one you want for him. I am sooo excited! Plus, if you need us to take you or pick you up, let us know. i am sure your grandparents want to see you guys, but let us know!!

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