Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Will I Do?

After a couple of very lonely and boring nights, I've decided that I can be creative with how I spend my time.
For instance, I (after getting my sweet Bengal Card ) I checked out two books: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Volume 1, and My Life which is Henry Fonda's autobiography. I'm kinda big into old celebrity's autobiographies lately. I just finished Katharine Hepburn's autobiography. It was wonderful---exactly how all autobiographies should be. You could hear her voice in it. It was like someone just tape recorded her talking and just typed down everything she said...word for word. She would interrupt herself and tell another story she remembered while telling the first one---it was spectacular. I think Buster Keaton is next. I wish the apostles were more full of themselves so they'd write autobiographies. I read Russell M. Nelson and Bruce R. McConkie's biographies, but to get any more I'm going to have to get them at the BYU-I library because they certainly don't have any of the apostle's stuff here at ISU. It's a good place, and certainly a school of learning but it is weird to see kids outside smoking and wearing sweatpants at school. Everytime I see it, I just think, "Did you not have a mother? What's the matter with you!?!"
In addition to reading, I'm going to start painting a little bit, and I have another thing I want to do, but I'm going to have to see if it actually happens, so I'm not going to talk about it yet.
I was also thinking that I'll buy my books for next semester and just have them lying around so that if I get bored then hopefully I'll start reading up on the things I'll need to know in the falltime.
A comment about the weather here this year: no good. April is J and my favorite month of the year (weatherwise) (...for reasons other than the weater, it's probably September for J because that's when hunting season opens) because it's not too hot and not too cold, the grass has begun to bloom, it's perfect walking weather, etc. Not this year---today is April 24th---the end of the month, and it snowed today! Tomorrow it's supposed to be the highest temperature of the week, and it's only 51!!! What's the deal with that!?!?!? I'm tired of wearing coats. I boycotted them for the last month of the semester but I've accepted them back into my life during the past week---no good.

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lately said...


that "didn't you have a mother" picture is horrible!

I love it!

love you,


ps, could i use any more exclamation points!?

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