Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're Here to Stay! EDITED

We have decided to stay in Wayan, ID even.  Jordan got a job (yayayayay!), and we''re moving into a little house today.  We're excited about it and glad we finally made a decision!  If you live close and want to visit, there aren't a whole lot of people here (I think the population here is 54...not an exaggeration...), so email me or we'll have cell reception in a couple weeks so give us a call!

EDIT:  We did NOT buy a house--we're just renting one, and a very small one at that.  Just wanted to clarify.  I'll put pictures on here soon (hopefully before this weekend) when I get pictures on the walls and it looks more like our own. 

Here is where we're living:
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I don't even know what our address is--I just know it's some number on Wayan Loop, Wayan, ID 83285.


Rebecca said...

Wow- congratulations on getting a job, as well as moving into a home. This is all very exciting news and we are so happy for you.

smellyheidi said...

Tony and I are camping in the Tetons this weekend - if you have time or feel like driving up to Jackson we would LOVE to hang out or go on a hike! (Hopefully we would have better luck meeting up this time.)

Rebecca said...

Wow you guys are out in the boonies! That is crazy and awesome all at the same time. It is Crazyawesome! How far is it to IF from your house? I am glad everything is working out for you all. (By the way this is Jon not Rebecca)

Madelyn said...

I have a bunch of family that lives in Star Valley, Wyoming. I just realized you are so close. Beautiful up there, but definitely the boons! Good luck with everything!

Rene' said...

Yay to have your own place! You've been living with other people for a long time. Time to make your own messes and clean them up when you want to!
Wish I were there to help you move, or bring a casserole or play with Porter while you work! Wish I were there!!

Kim said...

I bet you'll have pictures hung before I do. Is that 54 including the three of you or did you up it to 57?

Kenzie - Ryan - Livee- Emmeline said...

Congratulations you guys! Where in Wyoming is it? How far from Rexburg? That will be really fun. We miss you guys. Porter is adorable.

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