Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not My Baby Things

So, just a couple of baby update things about not my baby.

First, Saturday I got to go to my friend Jennie's baby shower, and it was suuuuper fun. I got to be a part of that by making the food! I didn't remember to take pictures of all the dishes, but they were all a success! Just go to her blog to see the pictures and read about it. It was great.

Second order of business, I am an aunt! Garrett and Kim finally had their baby last night, and we are so excited for them! Here's a picture they sent us when he was born--what a cute little kid! His name is Wyatt Miles (I don't know if that's actually how they're going to spell it) and he was 8 lbs 7 oz--poor Kim! He is gonna beat the crap out of our kid, because Porter's smaller than him now and he's a month old! Congrats to them!


Jen said...

Well, my girl isn't marrying a wuss, so don't worry...he'll beef up : ) And congrats Aunt Becca!! That's so fun...a mommy and an auntie all in about a month's time. Hope things are going great!!

Rene' Kesler said...


Wyatt is so cute!!! He and Porter look enough alike to see they are related!

Becca, you and Geoffrey Connor were 2 weeks apart, he weighed 8 something and you weighed 5 something, in 3 years, you were already taller than he was! Birth size doesn't have a whole lot to do with much....

Big hugs!

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