Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Next Update---NY

The next part of our summer was our trip to New York!

Callie got married, so we went out for that! Her colors were plum and gold, and we were planning on having it at the Eckenfelder's home, which was the same place we had our NY reception, but it rained so we had it at the church instead. It was really beautiful. This is the only picture I have of it--I need to get more from my Grandma, but the whole thing was so beautiful. We put icicle lights under the white fabric, and put purple fabric over the lights going upwards so it was just a purple glow--it was so pretty. I don't have any pictures of Callie either, but if you go on her facebook or on Rachel's facebook then I'm pretty sure there are pictures there.

We went and visited the Geers, which was so fun.

We really just had a great time. We went on a "girl's day" with Callie and Mom, went to a Madrigal dinner, hung out with Will and his best friend Paul, just hung out and played, had a great lunch with Katherine Fritz and went to a great kid's store and bookstore, went to Great Escape with Dan, and had family pictures taken. I'll put pictures of all of those things (except for the Madrigal dinner), but you can just know that it was a GREAT time.

I'm too tired to talk about the North Carolina trip just yet---that's for next time!

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Rene said...

It was a great great time! I love these pictures, too! I'm going to print the one of Porter and Dad in Nephite head bands! And the one of him at the top. I think this one of our family is the best one. And, the collage of you and Dan is great! Actually, I guess I like all these fabulous reminders of our great time together!!

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