Monday, November 9, 2009

First Craft Fair Ever!

I had my first craft fair ever, and it went ok!

I didn't know I was doing it until the day before, so I spent the whole day and night working on the stuff I'd be selling. I was really scared about it when I got there, and felt really ghetto but it ended up going well in the end. At the beginning I only had a card table and two chairs, so this is how I set it up. Photobucket

A few hours later I got another longer table, so we put the quilts on those.

At least I got my name out there, and had my first experience at it. I'll know what to do better next time!


Rene said...

Becca, I LOVE your colors!! I hope you're planning on sending me something amazing like this for Christmas, or just because you want to! ha! I love the multi colored roses, but tell me what they're for! Oh my heck! You are so talented! I especially love the colors you put together! They'er so whimsical! You are amazing! Fabulous job!!

The-Sauser-Family said...

Everything looks so great!!! I wish I could have been there. If we lived near each other we could go into buisness together!! I hope you had a great time! Getting your name out there is the first step! I miss you!!!

Tabby said...

Becca Everything looks so beautiful!! You are so talented. I wish that I could do things like that! You always give me the desire to be a better person.

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