Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We were in an earthquake!

There was an earthquake this morning that I was finally in! There was one in New York a few years ago that my Dad was in, but we were on vacation--bummer. This morning everything changed! It happened at 4 this morning, and while I was partly asleep I felt it and was aware that it was an earthquake--AWESOME. If you Google "california earthquake," something similar to this will come up:

There was also an article in the Wall Street Journal online :

Earthquake Shakes Southern California

LOS ANGELES—An earthquake east of downtown Los Angeles rippled across Southern California before dawn Tuesday, jolting millions of people awake and putting first-responders on alert but causing no damage, injuries or power outages.

The magnitude-4.4 quake, centered about 10 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, struck shortly after 4 a.m., according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

"It was a shake, but not bad. Our inmates slept through it and we had a few calls, but not as many as you would think," Pico Rivera sheriff's station Sgt. Jacqueline Sanchez said. Deputies were immediately dispatched to check on bridges and dams, she said.

Los Angeles County Fire Department supervising dispatcher Andre Gougis said there were no reports of damage or injury and the department was at normal operations.

Mr. Gougis said the quake was felt as his east Los Angeles headquarters.

"There was an initial jolt, then mild shaking after that," he said.

To continue the story click here.

All in all, it was pretty rad and we can say we were in earthquakes!


Rene said...

Ok, so I have two things to say: first, I'm so glad you are okay! And 2nd, how fun?? that you were in an earthquake! If being in an earthquake was on your bucket list, I'm glad you fulfilled without kicking it!

Jennie said...

oh becca, haha, just watch out for the likely tsunami to follow...jk, i'm going to feel like a real butt if that happens. i've always wanted to witness a tornado...note: not be in one, but watching from a distance would be exciting to report. i'll keep you posted : )

The ZamFam said...

I TOTALLY agree with Jennie and Rene. I think earthquakes are fun (other than the damage they can cause... not fun) I often get confused looks when I admit that. And I would LOVE to be close enough to a tornado to say I was in one, yet far enough to not get hurt-or anyone around me.

Glad you got to experience your first earthquake...


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