Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our House=Cinderella's Castle

Every time the Magic Kingdom Castle comes up at the beginning of a Disney movie Porter says "House!"  I wish.  I dream of it every time he says it.  It's $8,000 a night to rent the suite in Cinderella's Castle, which would be $2,920,000 a year to live there.  They say that rent should be ~1/4 of your income, so we'd have to make $11,680,000 a year to live in Cinderella's Castle.  Junk Change.  The day Jordan files the tax returns and it says we've made that much the following year, I'm moving in that day.  What a DREAM.
Click here for pictures inside my future house.


Rene' said...

I'm pretty sure there wasn't a mother-in-law's room in Cinderella's castle, but maybe build one on for me??
I can't believe it's $8thou a night to stay! That's nuts!!
I think it's a wonderful dream!

Rebecca said...

Remember the time when you said you would pay for me to have my honey moon there if I were to marry our common enemy?

Brad said...

Nice pic of Cinderella's Castle. I like your blog! Merry Christmas!

Brad Fallon

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