Wednesday, May 30, 2012

None of these pictures are particularly good of each individual person, or are they edited, but here they are nonetheless.  

Another from at the park

This was a big deal, being able to balance on one leg.  
He can also hop on one leg and looooves showing people.

I don't know why her mouth looks blue/purple/black.

Yeah....he wasn't going to touch it, but he was happy looking at it.


Becca said...

My boys are jealous of the water snake! I found one on the road the other day, but it was dead.

Beautiful children, as always. I love Emma's serious look.

Dan said...

Becca, these are great pictures! No one loves their daughter more than Jordan loves Emma! P is pretty great for being able to balance on one foot, and it's even harder to hop! We need to get our skype happening so I can see some of the greatness!

Dan said...

Woops! That was actually Mom, not Dan!

Kim said...

Was Jordan anywhere near the snake? Wyatt is obsessed with one-legedness too. Hilarious!

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