Thursday, January 31, 2008

Palpitating with Embarrassment?

So, I've forever thought that "blogging" was rediculous. It's for people like Creed who shouldn't have a blog, have some sick desire to get their feelings out somewhere, but don't have enough friends in "real life" to fulfill that desire. Therefore, I've fought this idea for a long time. I started to cave a little when I was talking to J the other day about two of our friends who have blogs because they just had babies and all the do all day is hang out with their baby. So, I mentioned to him that I thought that it would be nice to have a blog when I have a baby so I have something to do. Coincidentally enough, Kate decided to mention that I should have one today and the true inner desires of my heart flowed through as I thought about how spectacular it would be to have sweet blogs like Kate and Britt who have creative/super classy blogs (somehow my inner desire still to feels that that is a contradiction) with awesome pictures and great stories about their super sweet lives. So deep inside my heart is excitement while somehow I don't really want to bring it up with anyone because I'm a little bit ashamed.

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