Friday, February 1, 2008

He Needed to be Obsessed with Me

Yesterday, the head of the REU Program at BYU, Dr. Turley came to BYU-Idaho to talk to us about the internship program at BYU and about getting into graduate school at BYU. I want an internship at BYU pretty bad because then I'll be closer to J, so I knew that an afternoon of sucking up had only begun.
I had started the day by getting up early and showering (always a safe thing to do to make a good impression). I put on some good business attire clothes, and I also didn't want to look like a slob (and I needed to be moderately attractive), so I curled my hair. However, curling my hair did not happen soon after I showered. I had some homework to get done online and since we don't have internet at the house, I decided to do some laundry and go online at the same time because the place we do laundry said it had WIFI at it. However, to my dismay, when I got to the laundromat and tried to get online, it did not work. So, I went to the Clarke to try to get online there, and I don't know if it was just where I was, but I could not for the life of me get service there either. So, I just caved to my not wanting to spend 100,000 hours at the Romney and went to the computer room in the Romney. Another key reason I was hoping to do my hw at the laundromat was because I knew no one would be there to watch me as I do homework in curlers. So I sat in the Romney praying that no one would come in (seeing as anyone that would come into the physics computer room, except for 3 people, are boys) and see me looking rediculous. Thankfully, no one did...but that doesn't mean I didn't worry about it the whole time.
Anyway, so I sucked up to Dr. Turley by being super friendly and enthusastic. He said that I should make sure to apply to BYU, and I told him I already had. He asked for my name again, and when I told him my name he said he remembered my application! Yay for putting a name to a face! Everyone in the room left except for a few of us, so I asked him to come with us and we'll show him around the physics department. Yay! We then started to talk about the research conference I went to in November, and the teacher came by and started talking to Dr. Turley about how when we went to the conference that I was like a kid at a candy store, and that he had never seen anyone so enthusiastic about learning. Right then and there, I was like, yessssssssssssssssssssss.
I knew that I wouldn't get an internship unless I met them in person because even though my grades aren't super awesome, I knew that if I met them I could wrap them around my finger and they would be obsessed with me (thank heavens a man came instead of a woman...that never works...).


lately said...

you are a fantastic blogger. i had to come back and reread this because it was too funny.

my favorite is the 'boys' link.

smellyheidi said...

He really was obsessed with you I think. I wish I was cool enough to use funny links in my new blog...

Kim said...

I took a class from Turley at BYU. His daughter, Marin, was also in my freshman ward. She accompanied for me when I tried out for the school of music. Good people.

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